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Rainy Morning

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Where I live I am pretty lucky when it comes to rain. Typically, with a little planning you can miss the worst of a downpour and many times can stay in during the whole thing. Long rainy days are rare here, even if we are having torrential daily downpours with thunder and lightning.

This morning I was not so lucky. It was already raining during the girls’ 2am walk. So, when I got up this morning it was pouring! Looking at the radar it would be hours-well into afternoon before it quit. So, I got Daisy and a poncho and headed out. Oh boy was she not happy with me! She hates the water and that includes rain. It was the closest to her tail being tucked that I had ever seen.  When I’d stop she’d lift two paws off the wet ground. If Daisy were like Bella and would hold it instead of peeing in the floor I wouldn’t have to torture her (or me) like this, but that is not my Daisy.  After a long walk she finally went and I made a b-line for the house.  She did love the rub down with a towel to get her dry.

Then came step two in my plans for Daisy today. The Thundershirt.  No, Daisy does not suffer from any sort of anxiety but I was hoping to use something I already have to stop her from itching and scratching the same places where her fur is now gone and the skin irritated.

It works-but I don’t think she is too happy about having to wear it. Once I got her in it she just sat there looking at me like “Really Mom? What are you thinking?!”


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  1. Where did you get your Thundershirt, Tracy? I have a small Sheltie and a small Beagle/Basset mix who do not appreciate thunder. Well, I am not sure about the Bagel – she bays at it yet doesn’t seem nervous – perhaps talking back. Most of the hounds here do not appreciate rain. I had to make Justus first go outside, block him from going back inside, watch him run around and NOT pee, block him again, telling him “Hurry up” which apparently reminded him of his business as he then did pee and got to go back in the house. Sigh. Our rain was all day but never pouring.

  2. Poor Daisy! I hope the thundershirt helps you get over the itchys. We are having sunshine here. Believe it or not, we have to walk early or it gets to warm. We can’t go later because in the early evening you hear the coyotes. Bet they wouldn’t bother you. I’m a little bit smaller they tried once but I am Buddy, they heard me roar!!

  3. Daisy looks so cute! We’ve always wanted to try a thundershirt on Gus. He gets really anxious and upset by thunderstorms. Sounds like we both had rainy walks this weekend!

  4. Poor Daisy, maybe if she knew how cute she looked? I have thought about trying a thunder shirt for Shiva. She has no issus with thunder storms but she does have separation anxiety. I am not sure if it would help but it’s worth a shot, right?

    We haven’t had rain for a long time, for us, but we’re supposed to get a storm tomorrow. At least it isn’t more snow?


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