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So…are they trying to tell me something?

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Last night, I got home and had to unload the car. This is so much easier with a garage!  But after taking the first load in I came back to this…

Mom, we are going whether you like it or not!!


We made it!!!

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Yes, we are here. New house, new town, new everything!

Daisy came in and made herself right at home in her new backyard. She didn’t mind the movers unloading stuff at all.  Bella tried to climb the fence. Luckily, Grannie was out back with them and stopped her from going over.  Bella seems to be settling down some but it is going to take some time with her.  Daisy acts like she has always lived here and completely satisfied with her new life.

Oh, and I found my camera today. So, as soon as I find the battery charger, I’ll start taking pictures. Here are a couple Grannie took on her phone of Daisy enjoying the new place.

This Yard is Awesome!!

Cant decide whether to nap inside or outside...

Life is getting crazy…

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Well, as I type this it is very early Wednesday morning.  Tomorrow is the big day around here.  I am tired, Daisy is bored (from not quite enough activity), and Bella is stressed.  I’ll get internet next week and let you know how the move goes.


Daisy was bit at the dog park. Not sure what triggered it, if anything. She was pooping and got up and took about 4 steps and a dog charged and started growling. As she turned from him a bit he bit her hip.  I was so upset at the time. If I wasn’t in the middle of the move I might pursue the owner. Or the person who brought the dog to the park (not the owner). But right now, I’m stressed enough and I just need to let something go and this is the easiest.  Daisy didn’t need stitches, but she needed the fur cleaned out from under her skin. She is on antibiotics and hasn’t licked the area once.


We also had a wildlife encounter today. There has been a solitary otter in the retention pond where I live on and off since I moved here. Our drainage pond is connected to others in the area so I guess the otter just follows the food. I have felt bad for this creature since most times I see otters playing in family groups but this one leads a solitary life.  Today, I saw this otter….with her three babies.  The girls saw them too. The babies were very curious and popped out of the water to get a closer look. At first Bella was ignoring them and Daisy was very relaxed. I think she thought they were some strange dogs. Her ears were down, body relaxed, tail wagging.  Then mom squeaked at the babies and it was game on!  At this point Bella woke up from her day dream and came to back up her sister.


It really was lots of fun! The otters weren’t in any danger since they had a quick escape in the water (and the dogs were on leash) and the girls got a little “hunting” time in.  The otters were close behind the apartment so I let the girls stand out on the balcony and watch the kids (and some adults) being naughty feeding the otters. No wonder the mom keeps coming back. My camera is…well, somewhere in this place. So this is an Iphone picture. Not exactly quality stuff.


Otter mom with three babies

And the winner is….

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I love the nose picture. She is so happy in that shot even though her face is a bit blurry. Plus, she loves to sniff breath so I see that shot in real life pretty frequently.  What you don’t see in that picture is the big nose slime she did to the camera lens just after that shot was taken. LOL


Whee! I'm flying!!

Two Pic Tuesday

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So, lets have a vote. Which one is your favorite picture? The focus on the nose, or the focus on the eye? I’ll reveal my favorite in my next post.










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