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Living with Opposites

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Today I had a great illustration in how different my dogs really are in personality. Of course, I understand this but when I have such a display as I did today, I feel the need to share.

This afternoon I gave Daisy a stuffed frozen kong and gave Bella a bully stick. They were both happily enjoying their treats. So I gathered up all their towels, t-shirts, and bedding to go in the wash. During this Daisy never looked up at me. I think she might have passingly wagged her tail at me when I came close. Bella on the other hand stopped chewing and looked WORRIED! I could almost hear her inner dialogue “Wonder why mom is taking our stuff? What did we do? Is she upset? Is she taking us somewhere? Where will I sleep tonight? OMG I don’t have a home!!!”  Yep, Bella has issues. LOL

Daisy on the other hand didn’t worry until she felt it was bedtime. Then she had her own version of issues. She went into her crate, spun around, sniffed, came out and looked at me.  Then she put her front paws in the crate, sniffing around, then looked back at me (their bed covers were in the dryer still). She did her three spins right outside her crate and laid down with a huff. When I brought her bed back in she wagged her tail happily and climbed right into her crate.

My funny girls.


We’ve Been Invaded!!!

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That’s right folks…our city is invaded by pirates every year.  They come in a huge flotilla firing cannons and guns. They force the Mayor to hand over the keys to the city then parade through the streets.  The citizens are powerless to stop them.

So of course…Daisy and I had to go see what the fuss was all about! Now, I do not recommend the average dog go to a very crowded, hot parade.  Daisy and I went early and started from the beginning of the parade and walked backwards, through the staging area. This way we could see all the floats, the people in costumes, hear the music, maybe get some beads but with less of a crowd.

The only issue I really see is Daisy decided the day was all about her. Everyone loved her! I let the kids pet her, and anyone else (who wasn’t crazy drunk).  She also got a lot of treats (from me) for her good behavior and posing for pictures. Plus, with the tens of thousands of people there someone recognized her!  She is a regular celebrity! There was a lady participating in the parade who was frantically waving us over to where she was waiting for the parade to begin.  She knew Daisy from the dog park. She also asked where my other hound was (of course, Bella is way to anxious to attend a parade).

We left when the cannon fire started. It’s a little much for even the most solid dogs. (and yes, there is lots of cannon and gunfire associated with a pirate invasion!)  So here is a peek at all the things Daisy got to see today.

Hard Rock Casino! Yay big money!

Go Lightning!

Go Bucs! This is #27.

Maybe I've had a little to much to drink....

Parade going by! Love the pirate ships!

Cigars?! Those smell funny!

I shared my booty with my sister, even if she was pouting about getting her picture taken.

Wordless Wednesday

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Also, I just want to let everyone know I am reading your blogs! There are a few blogger blogs I can not use my OpenID-wordpress account or a name/URL option. I have no idea why.

Dressing Up the Dog

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So, I tried to write this on my WordPress iphone app. Lets just say I understand why it has such low rating. It crashed and my post is there-I can read it, but it won’t allow me to publish it, so everything must be typed again. But I’ll type it word for word so you’ll know what was going on.


So, I came up with a great way to stop Daisy from doing so much damage when she is scratching.  I bought her some wife beater style t-shirts and I must say she is rather cute in them.  She doesn’t mind the new clothes at all.

I took this picture on my Iphone and since we are the only folks at the dog park today I am doing something I never do. i am sitting relaxing and just letting her wander and chase squirrels-while I fit a blog post in. (Now of course you understand I’ve had to do it twice).

Wordless Wednesday

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Break time!


I love that shiny coat!

Rainy Morning

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Where I live I am pretty lucky when it comes to rain. Typically, with a little planning you can miss the worst of a downpour and many times can stay in during the whole thing. Long rainy days are rare here, even if we are having torrential daily downpours with thunder and lightning.

This morning I was not so lucky. It was already raining during the girls’ 2am walk. So, when I got up this morning it was pouring! Looking at the radar it would be hours-well into afternoon before it quit. So, I got Daisy and a poncho and headed out. Oh boy was she not happy with me! She hates the water and that includes rain. It was the closest to her tail being tucked that I had ever seen.  When I’d stop she’d lift two paws off the wet ground. If Daisy were like Bella and would hold it instead of peeing in the floor I wouldn’t have to torture her (or me) like this, but that is not my Daisy.  After a long walk she finally went and I made a b-line for the house.  She did love the rub down with a towel to get her dry.

Then came step two in my plans for Daisy today. The Thundershirt.  No, Daisy does not suffer from any sort of anxiety but I was hoping to use something I already have to stop her from itching and scratching the same places where her fur is now gone and the skin irritated.

It works-but I don’t think she is too happy about having to wear it. Once I got her in it she just sat there looking at me like “Really Mom? What are you thinking?!”

Tired Pup

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I took this at a red light today. The girls and I were at a dog meetup group for 2 hours in a park. They had so much fun but Daisy decided she couldn’t wait to get home for a nap. She was laying down in my backseat.

I'll use my ear to keep the sun out of my eyes.

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