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So, I’m Tracy. The guardian, mom, trainer, walker, pooper scooper, and general lady-in-waiting to my three year old bluetick coonhound Bella and my three year old black and tan coonhound Daisy. Daisy is my little diva and Bella is my dainty princess.


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  1. I love your hounds. I have a couple myself, but their ears aren’t as big. šŸ˜‰

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more about your adventures with Daisy and Bella. : )

  3. Love your hounds. I foyund you on Coonhound Companions. I have a Treeing Walker. What a joy to have Fincastle in my life. I can tell you feel the same about Bella and Daisie Mae.

  4. Tracy, what a nice blog. I sure love your photos of Bella and Daisy, and your perspectives about living with coonhounds in the city. Love the characterization of your Bella as a dainty princess! You’ll get some folks thinking differently about coonhounds, that’s for sure!


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