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Halloween Weekend!

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Boy did we have a big day today!

It started with a morning in the dog park. The weather cooled off overnight so both girls were pretty frisky.  Daisy ran around the park a lot!  Someone brought a squeaky ball to the dog park.  Now, of course Daisy freaked out! She wanted to kill the ball.

Now, as a side note to all the dog owners out there. If you are going to bring a toy to the dog park you can not assume that your dog will be able to maintain control of it and it isn’t fair to assume that everyone’s dog plays fetch. Daisy loves to chase the ball, but bringing it back isn’t a concept she understands. So don’t get upset when that toy is in some other dogs mouth and they are having fun with it. I don’t allow my dog free access to squeaky toys at home because she becomes possessed and tried to keep them from me, so guess what happens when you bring them into the dog park?

When Daisy finally dropped the ball Bella was right there to try and pick it up. Luckily I caught her by her back legs as she tried to dash off. I walked it back to the owners who huffed out of the dog park.  Daisy looked for the new fun ball for a minute or two but went back to playing with the regular tennis balls.

I let her out on the balcony for a bit.  The downstairs cat was out. Daisy is so funny!  She is so focused on that cat but she doesn’t bay. She get so much energy and her muscles are so tight and her whole body just shakes while she watches it walk around.  Then I gave her a kong with some sticky dog food and dry treats to work on while I got ready for the party.

The party was a lot of fun; it was at a place that does doggy daycare and boarding.  They had snacks  and a costume contest. They also had kiddie pools set up with mini pumpkins floating for “bobbing for pumpkins” contest.  Daisy just looked at the dogs in the water like they were crazy. I think she looked super cute in her t-shirt, what do you think?  We came home and she walked right over to her favorite place and slept for hours!

Looking for a squirrel!


Wordless Wednesday

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Thanks Grannie for the trachea!!

Halloween is coming….

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And the girls are trying their best to be spooky.

Have you ever tried to pose your dogs, or get them into a frame shot together, eyes open, not looking terrified?  Ugh!  These girls managed to wear me out in less than 20 minutes.  Actually, despite what the picture looks like, neither girl minded wearing their Halloween t-shirts.  More pictures to come!


New Developments

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Shhh! I'm sleeping!

So, some will read this post in horror, others will be happy as am I.

I wanted a dog who would relax with me and lay on the couch.  Turns out, Bella is not that dog.  She is much happier with her feet on the ground.  I’m ok with that. She has on many occasions jumped up to ge a pet or maybe a treat but as soon as she realizes she isn’t on a firm surface, she jumps right back down.  The only exception to this is when she was sick. She came up cuddled with me, jumped off, threw up, collapsed and had to go to the ER.  So, Bella on the couch = scary.

Today Daisy Mae was  in a particularly cuddly, affectionate mood.  She jumped to put her front feet on my shoulders while I was sitting on the couch. So,  got a sheet to cover it and convinced her sitting next to me was cool.  She laid there until it was time to go to the dog park.  When we got home, after dinner, she came over and started sniffing her place on the couch so I told her “come on” and patted the cushion.  She jumped right up and has been next to me for the last few hours.

I love it!

MOM! The flash is too bright!

Friday Fun

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So, Grandpa has moseyed on home.  Bella did try and sniff him a few times and she let him pet her for several minutes last night.  They might be friends yet!  Thanks to Grandpa for taking the coonhound mobile to be cleaned!  Too bad they will have it dirty by tonight….

In other odd news the girls and I were laying taking a nap earlier this afternoon.  Fedex scared me to death when they knocked on the door really REALLY loud!  It was the first time I’ve ever heard Daisy growl!  That’s right, she stood up and growled at the door. I may have a guard dog yet!

The Girls are Doing Great….

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Something else happened last weekend that I  *thought* i wrote about but apparently didn’t let y’all in on.

So, Daisy is squirrel obsessed. I believe her sun rises and sets in the activity levels of the squirrels outside.  So Grannie and I were taking the girls on a potty walk last weekend. A squirrel ran across our path very close to us.  Daisy and I were walking in front and she tried to chase it up the tree.  Well, Mr. Daredevil squirrel decided that instead of running up the tree he would run around it and in between Daidy and I and Grannie and Bella.  Well, as soon as that squirrel ran in front of Bella she reached right out and grabbed it!

That’s right, my sweet princess Bella caught a squirrel.  She didn’t bay or anything.

Daisy, as good as her intentions were started baying up the wrong tree.  meanwhile Bella had this look like “OMG! That was so nasty! Why does Daisy go crazy for these things?!!”  She was also moving her tongue like she had p-but butter in her mouth trying to get the fur out. I am so proud of my girl!

Daisy continues to be crazy for the squeaky toy. I’m gonna charge my camera and try to get a video of this nonsense for you.  It’s like the old cereal commercials “Crazy for Cocoa Puffs”.

It’s a Happy Weekend….

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when Grannie comes!

My girls love my mom.  Seriously, sometimes I think Bella actually likes her more than me.  Then again, she doesn’t even have to work for treats from Grannie. No sit, down or anything!  It’s ridiculous.

We bought some new medicated shampoo and conditioner for Daisy.  The shampoo has lidocaine, hydrocortisone and something else in it.  The conditioner has an antifungal plus lots of moisturizers.  I had given Daisy a bath on Thursday but on Friday all her skin on her back peeled off, along with a lot of her fur.

Daisy also got her first squeaky toy.  Its a little hedgehog with a Christmas hat. She is very happy to have that toy.  Even better, Bella isn’t so scared as she was when she first came to live with me.  In fact, a few times she was pretty curious about what was going on.

On Sunday we went to our normal dog park and met a bloodhound that was rescued from the same rescue as Daisy.  She was sooo cute and a year and a half old.  I loved that Daisy wasn’t the only dog with big floppy ears going every which a way when she was running around.

In other news:  When Daisy was found I knew she had a little girl puppy with her. That puppy was adopted and I’ve seen the update online and she seems very happy.  Well, the people who found her apparently decided to keep a little boy puppy that was with her. Now, they are moving and don’t want to take him with them.  Poor guy.  If anyone is looking for a great dog, I can at least vouch for his mother’s temperament. Coonhounds are very independent and think with their noses most of the time.  But, they love their owners and are very sweet dogs. Of course at 10 months he’s sure to have a lot of energy but his mom is pretty mellow at age three.  If anyone is interested or knows someone who is please consider this sweet guy: Her Little Boy

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