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Did You Say Something?

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Finally!! A great picture of Daisy with her ears up!  I was inside the house and she was outside. Grandpa started to get ice out of the fridge and TaDa! The picture was taken through the window screen (the window was open) so it isn’t as crisp as it could be but I just love how she looks against the green grass and with the flowers in front of her.



New Dog Park!

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There is only one dog park within a reasonable driving distance from us now. Good thing for us it is awesome!  Online says it is 15 acres. There is a pond in the largest section (pictured below). There are trees and squirrels (which Daisy says is the most important thing).  The small dog section is really nice too. And although I don’t have a small dog, I do see that in many dog parks-they aren’t always given a nice area.

Daisy is fully aware of the squirrel situation. So she runs and runs looking for one.  Sometimes she finds one and chases it up a tree-and holds it there for me. Sometimes, like this morning, she runs and runs looking but doesn’t find anything. I don’t think she’s upset about it though-she is stretched out on the floor napping. She was so tired she didn’t want to get out of the car when we got home.

Bacon Cheeseburger Ballz!!

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Yep, Daisy was sitting watching me cook. This was my first attempt at doggie treat making. I didn’t use a recipe (although I had recently read through a dog treat cookbook).  Normally, she doesn’t really pay attention to my cooking. I have no idea why she was so interested this time. Maybe that says something about the food I am normally cooking for myself? Of course, since it wasn’t a recipe I don’t have the exact amounts for the ingredients. But here is my first photo instructional blog for treat making. Add in some seasoning, and they could work for the humans too!

First: about 2/3rd a pound of ground beef and two eggs

Second: Add cheese. I used a mix of cheddar and Italian blend. A small handful each.

Third: Add bacon. I used about 5 slices of pre-cooked bacon since it’s what I had on hand.

Forth: add a couple tablespoons of flour and mix well

Fifth: Form into teaspoon sized ballz and bake at 350° for 20 minutes


Note Daisy’s crazy eyes while trying out the grub

Even Bella would look towards the camera for these treats!  Amazing!

I did learn one valuable lesson during my first try at making dog treats. Use aluminum foil on your pans. Seriously people-cheese hard baked onto a pan (even a non stick one) is not fun!

Wordless Wednesday

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Do you know why Daisy is staring?

Times-They are a Changin’

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Ah, the twist and turns of this thing called life.

Through a series of unfortunate events (which included multiple sewage backups in a new house) the girls and I will be staying with the Grandparents for a while.  Lets just say the last month hasn’t been fun…unless you were a coonie with a new backyard.

Yep, the coonies must trade in their backyard and all the freedom it provides. In return though, they get two more people to spoil them with petting and treat handouts. It’s a pretty good trade-off I think.  Daisy can take boat rides and go fishing.  Bella will get more loving then she will know what to do with.  Hopefully, she will be able to overcome her fear of Grandpa once and for all!

To keep me sane during all this (haha), I have decided to add another project to my to-do list.  I feel the need to announce it publicly so I don’t chicken out. I might chicken out anyway. I have registered Daisy with the AKC (canine partners).  I want to do a rally trial with her in July. So, I need to get busy I suppose!  I have a book on the way and plan to watch a lot of YouTube to make sure I understand the signs. I will be teaching her on my own. She has her basics down, but things like right finish and coming to the front aren’t skills her in repertoire–yet! Of course, this morning my HOUND had 2 perfect recalls under distraction so anything is possible…

The first happened when she was in the backyard. The kids next door had let their dog out and of course, since he is never allowed outside except to pee, he wanted to run over and meet Daisy and turned his ears off to the kids that were responsible for him.  The kid was coming over to drag the dog back to the house so I called Daisy (to make it easier for the kid) and she SPRINTED back to me!!  So glad I store the treats by the door-she got several for that!  And, about that time the wind blew the front door open!  I guess I didn’t lock it from getting the mail. Normally, Daisy is not typically a door bolter. But I think the door opening wide on its own was too much for her and out she sprinted.  Well, I made my voice really high, and play bowed and called her and in she sprinted back! I shut the door and ran out the back and she got the zoomies and we played together. Yep, my hound had recall!!  I wouldn’t bet on tomorrow though.

This morning, there were men working on the outside of the house. Bella did NOT like them at all. She just sat around, or paced around growling.  It was all nerves-the panting came later. Oh, and it’s been raining on and off today. She is not happy-she is hiding in the guest bedroom today and wishes to not be disturbed.

Change Again?!?!

Change is Coming

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but Daisy’s on the look out for it!  Today we are participating in the blog hop!  The wordpress link still doesn’t work for me. I have no idea why so I can’t add the hop to the post.

Oh!! I see it mom!

Daisy’s Joy

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Daisy turns 4, or so we think, in a few months. But when people meet her they surprised -they always guess younger.  She loves to play and gets the zoomies pretty much every day.  She also likes to play with her toys. Sometimes, she just goes to her toy box, picks a toy, an makes up some game all by herself. She has ‘age is just a number’ down pat!

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