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Wordless Wednesday

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Daisy likes to recharge her solar panels in front of the door. She’ll lay there soaking in the sun all afternoon.


And the Winners Are….

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OK everyone, thanks for playing along for our first giveaway!

I find the two winners to be quite interesting. Miss Bunny and Gang from Tales and Tails won the big dog prize.  I think I found her blog the first weekend I was blogging. I mean, everyone knows these guys!  I have been reading her all year.

The dog who won the small dog prize is totally new to me!  It is Murphy from  a little tête-à-tête.  Although this isn’t a pet blog there are a lot of great product reviews and giveaways! So, now I have a new blog to look forward to for the next year.

So, one old blog and one new blog!

Thanks everyone for playing along! I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming year.

Happy Blogiversary!

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That’s right-today is my one year mark of blogging. Honestly, I am a little surprised with myself. I tend to get excited about a project, work really hard, then give up or get distracted by a new fun project. I think blogging has one big difference than most DIY though.  The readers. Over the last year seeing my readership numbers continue to grow, seeing everyone clicking on my pictures and movies, and knowing that there are people out there who like reading about my dogs has kept me going. So, thanks for sticking with us! I hope y’all enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading yours.

I will say the original goal of this blog has not been met. I started writing about the girls in an effort to stop talking about them so much in my everyday life. Instead, I found even more people who love to talk about and listen about dogs.  I’ve learned I’m not the only dog crazy person out there. I’m not the only one who loves collars and taking their dogs to any activity possible and whose cars are filled with dried dog slobber.

So, inspired by my love of Lord of the Rings, I’m going to take a page from our friends the dear Hobbits, and give gifts to others for my Blogiversary. That’s correct, my very FIRST giveaway! I told you that you’d want to read today!! Everyone loves free stuff!

So, I sat down earlier this week and asked the girls what they wanted to send someone. They asked whether one of our small dog friends or big dog friends would be getting the gift. *enter stumped Lady in Waiting*  So…there are TWO giveaways!  One with a toy for a small dog, one with a toy for a large dog.

So, I asked the girls what they wanted to include in the gift.  Daisy wanted to give one of her favorite toys. It’s a Kong brand tug toy. It has everything! The ropes are connected inside the toy and act as the stuffing and there is a squeaker. Bella wanted to send hot dogs. I tried explaining that hot dogs wouldn’t last in the mail. To which, she huffed and said that she still wanted to send hot dogs. I found these great dried sausages and explained they are sort of like hot dogs and she was satisfied. My choice for a gift is Zukes treats. I chose the regular ones (as opposed to the minis) because they are good size to be given “just because” and if you need a smaller training treat-they are easy to break apart. Sorry for the not so good pictures. I had other stuff planned but with the Iphone-this is what y’all are getting!

Large Dog Gift


Small Dog Gift


I’m going to make the rules easy:

1. Comment to THIS post between 8 am EST August 20, 2011 through 11:59 PM EST August 21, 2011. That right-just a weekend to win. Tell me if you are entering for the small dog gift or the large dog gift. Only one entry per family.

2. Sorry, but no one related to me or the girls is eligible.

3. I’ll use to pick a winner Monday then email you for your contact information so make sure its a working email!

Oh Dear. I have an Issue.

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It seems my camera cord did not make the trip with me. I can even say with 99.9% certainty that I remember packing it. Too bad the fact it is still at Grannie and Grandpa’s means that I did not in fact pack it and I am now making up memories.

This means Daisy’s hotel pictures are trapped in my camera for the time being and you’ll just have to wait a bit to see them.

It also means I’ll have to improvise and use Iphone pics for tomorrow. You didn’t forget about tomorrow did you?

Quick Update!

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The girls LOVE the new yard!  Daisy has settled in already and Bella, well… she is Bella and will settle soon enough.  I have a few pictures from Daisy’s first hotel stay I want to share this week.  Of course, moving in and unpacking boxes means I will surely find the camera cord and get my act together soon.

Stay tuned…big announcement coming Saturday you don’t wanna miss!

Not to be Vain…

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*sings loudly* “You’re soooo vain…you probably think this blog is about you…you’re sooo vain!”  You know, Daisy has a nickname-Show Pony. Yep, she seems to think she is hot stuff. I must agree of course, as I have two beautiful dogs!  It’s just one who really, really knows it though. And, that is your random thought for the day.

Another great announcement: by the time you read this the girls should be moving into their new house. With a new backyard! Pictures of course will be coming soon.  They have LOVED staying with Grannie and Grandpa. Two more people to love them and rub them and feed them treats. Bella still doesn’t go crazy for Grandpa but she does wag her tail when he gets home and will let him pet her when she feels like it. Her acceptance of him unfortunately has not translated into acceptance of any other man.

Wordless Wednesday

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