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Happy Daisy

Daisy was adopted in July 2010.  Yes, Bella had only been with me a few months but I felt like I had room in my life and heart for a second dog and within weeks of having Bella I knew she would love a sibling in the house.

Daisy is your typical fun-loving, happy hound dog.  Her tail seems to only stop when she’s sleeping or you aren’t looking at her.  She is really motivated by food so it makes it easier and fun to work on her basic training.  She is pretty good with her house manners although she likes to stare sometimes while I eat.

Daisy has had some health troubles since she moved in. She had to have emergency surgery only 8 days after I got her home.  We are working on getting all her issues settled (chronic constipation with occasional nausea, and itchy skin).

She loves playing with tennis balls but doesn’t really do ‘fetch’.  She either will chase the ball then run around with it in her mouth, or get the ball and throw it/chase it herself.  It is pretty fun to watch.

She LOVES to hunt and tree squirrels. The picture here is her on the tree looking at the squirrel.  The other one is her watching the squirrels out the window.  Sometimes the challenge is keeping her from throwing herself on the glass.

Update 2/4/11: I have been working really hard with Daisy for the last 6 months. She no longer is so squirrel obsessed that she can’t sit and watch them without losing her mind. She still loves to hunt, but can now walk around without trying to pull my arm off when she sees them. She still has itchy skin.  She is still her happy go lucky self.


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  1. OMG! I LOVE Black and Tan Coon Hounds! About 15 years ago, my family had two of them- a boy, Clyde, and a girl, Cleo. They are such amazing dogs- I definitely miss their braying and cuddling with them! My husband and I have two retired racing greyhounds now, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the coon hounds!

  2. Daisy Mae is beautiful. What a wonderful life you have given your girls.

  3. Wondering about her constipation and itchy skin—sounds like possibly a diet issue? I had a Great Dane with severe food allergies so I learned a bit about them, and we converted from an all-kibble diet to one with a mix of kibble supplemented with cooked turkey and other meats, a bit of dry oatmeal, veggies, fruit, dairy, etc. mixed with hot water. The meals vary quite a bit one to the next. But the digestive upset and itching totally cleared up. Just a thought to share.


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