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Sweet Bella

Bella was adopted in March, 2010.  She is a calm, sweet soul.  Too bad no one has told her she is a dog!  She has made it clear she is the queen of this castle.  She has had a rough life; I’m pretty sure she was a puppy mill dog.  New people, situations, and pretty much any new/loud sound scares her.

She likes to hang out in her crate but as the months go by she is venturing out more and more.  She likes to boycott meals.  Her favorite place is the dog park.  When she is there her stress and anxiety disappear.  She loves to roll in the dirt and meet the other dogs.

She naturally had great house manners.  Her training didn’t go quite so well. It took 3.5 weeks for her to learn ‘sit’.  Part of that issue being that she just isn’t motivated by food.  Either you give it to her, or she walks away.  It did make ‘leave it’ super easy for her to learn.

Bella is my little princess.

Update 2/4/11: Bella no longer boycotts meals at home. She will boycott a meal if she is somewhere else (like Grannie’s house). She like treats more now-especially if Daisy is getting some but don’t ask her to do too much for them.  Her anxiety is doing much better too.


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  1. Bella is so beautiful. I hope she gets calmer every day

  2. It took me two weeks to teach my Treeing Walker to sit and he was very treat motivated. No one had ever asked him to learn anything before he found me. Now he knows many commands and I think he is brilliant!
    Bella is absolutely beautiful. It’s fun to hear about her progress.


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