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Coonhound Mornings

So, before having a yard, Bella was strictly a non-player. Daisy would try but a few snarks from Bella and that was over.  Now, the girls have room to stretch their legs. It started with chasing. Bella likes to run and she and Daisy would chase each other. Now, its like I have a whole new dog in Bella! She wrestles and gives it right back to Daisy. Daisy growling during play used to scare Bella-not anymore! It has been so awesome to watch Bella earn to relax a bit more and to enjoy playing.

There are a few things about this video to watch out for.  First, my camera ham Daisy is distracted by the camera. She has to stop and make sure no treats are being handed out before continuing to play.  Second, near the end I love how Daisy just flops down like a kid pretending to die playing ‘Cowboys and Indians’.  Third, the sounds of the birds. I like waking up to that sound.



Enjoying the yard!

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I was sitting this morning and started hearing this air huffing. Went to look and was able to catch some of the girls’ early morning wrestling match (I was filming through the door).  It is amazing to think that Bella didn’t even know how to play this time last year. She still isn’t a frequent player-but it is getting more often. I also hope that one day she can tell Daisy when she is done in a nice way. Bella doesn’t bite-but she sounds so mean when she is done and Daisy always looks at her like “But, I thought we were having fun!?!”

Wow busy weekend!

Ok, ok, I know it’s already Tuesday! We had a big weekend with Grannie and I was too tired to type!

So, Saturday morning we went to a meetup group at a doggie water park. When we first arrived I was a bit disappointed by how it looked because I thought it was kinda small for how expensive it was. Boy was I wrong!! This place was awesome if your dogs like the water! They had all sorts of fountains and sprayers and tunnels of water plus two wading pools.

Bell a had a blast! She ran through the water and played with dogs and even jumped through the wading pools a bit. Daisy on the other hand had fun, but did not like the water. There was plenty of room for her to hang around without getting wet. I got her to chase some tennis balls. She would run around the spray water instead of running in a straight line. A couple time the ball landed where water was spraying and she would try to get it but wouldn’t get wet. I was also trying to get her in the wading pool (like 1 foot deep) by tossing the tennis ball near the edge but she would keep her paws on dry land and lean into pool to get the ball. it was cute. I might not go there again unless a group of us goes because it’s kinda expensive for what you get. Bella likes the beach just as much and it’s free.

optical illusion, she isn't in the water!

I really want the ball!

Hi there!

Saturday evening we went to the dog park so the girls could run around and boy did they ever!!!  They ended up chasing each other, wrestling, and playing bitey face! I was so glad Grannie go to see them have that type of fun.  They both seem to enjoy it so I hope it happens more often.  It seems they both have to be in the right kind of playful mood at the same time.  Neither one overpowers the other too much.  Daisy does like to grab Bella’s throat but she doesn’t clamp down. Bella will give it right back to her though.

Bitey face!

I'll get your leg!

The girls were really sad to see Grannie go.  Now they expect 24/7 petting and attention like I don’t have work to do!!  She spoils them so much but of course they love every minute of it!

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