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Coonhound Mornings

So, before having a yard, Bella was strictly a non-player. Daisy would try but a few snarks from Bella and that was over.  Now, the girls have room to stretch their legs. It started with chasing. Bella likes to run and she and Daisy would chase each other. Now, its like I have a whole new dog in Bella! She wrestles and gives it right back to Daisy. Daisy growling during play used to scare Bella-not anymore! It has been so awesome to watch Bella earn to relax a bit more and to enjoy playing.

There are a few things about this video to watch out for.  First, my camera ham Daisy is distracted by the camera. She has to stop and make sure no treats are being handed out before continuing to play.  Second, near the end I love how Daisy just flops down like a kid pretending to die playing ‘Cowboys and Indians’.  Third, the sounds of the birds. I like waking up to that sound.



Enjoying the yard!

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I was sitting this morning and started hearing this air huffing. Went to look and was able to catch some of the girls’ early morning wrestling match (I was filming through the door).  It is amazing to think that Bella didn’t even know how to play this time last year. She still isn’t a frequent player-but it is getting more often. I also hope that one day she can tell Daisy when she is done in a nice way. Bella doesn’t bite-but she sounds so mean when she is done and Daisy always looks at her like “But, I thought we were having fun!?!”

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