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Unplanned break…

I’m sort of on an unplanned vacation from blogging…but I’ll be back after the Labor Day weekend!  Life got a little crazy-busy (in a good way).  See you all soon!



Not to be Vain…

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*sings loudly* “You’re soooo vain…you probably think this blog is about you…you’re sooo vain!”  You know, Daisy has a nickname-Show Pony. Yep, she seems to think she is hot stuff. I must agree of course, as I have two beautiful dogs!  It’s just one who really, really knows it though. And, that is your random thought for the day.

Another great announcement: by the time you read this the girls should be moving into their new house. With a new backyard! Pictures of course will be coming soon.  They have LOVED staying with Grannie and Grandpa. Two more people to love them and rub them and feed them treats. Bella still doesn’t go crazy for Grandpa but she does wag her tail when he gets home and will let him pet her when she feels like it. Her acceptance of him unfortunately has not translated into acceptance of any other man.

Sultry Summer

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It’s been to hot to really do anything fun lately.  August here it just scorching hot and humid!  Good thing that napping is one of the girls’ favorite things to do! Here is a picture from cooler times.

Friday Folly

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Bella is getting ready for her weekend. What plans do y’all have?

Wordless Wednesday

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Bella has found her voice.

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And I admit, it might be a little annoying whens she decides that the perfect time to talk is in the middle of my movie. And, as you see, it makes Daisy ready to play too.  There is nothing going on, she just wants anyone around to look at her and talk to her.

Bella also has a weird quirk. She leans her head to the side and the more she bays-the more her ears itch. It is funny! Does anyone else know a dog like this?

We made it!!!

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Yes, we are here. New house, new town, new everything!

Daisy came in and made herself right at home in her new backyard. She didn’t mind the movers unloading stuff at all.  Bella tried to climb the fence. Luckily, Grannie was out back with them and stopped her from going over.  Bella seems to be settling down some but it is going to take some time with her.  Daisy acts like she has always lived here and completely satisfied with her new life.

Oh, and I found my camera today. So, as soon as I find the battery charger, I’ll start taking pictures. Here are a couple Grannie took on her phone of Daisy enjoying the new place.

This Yard is Awesome!!

Cant decide whether to nap inside or outside...

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