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Well, Hello There Fall!!

Ok, yesterday morning we woke up and it was muggy and 80 degrees. The same time this morning?  A cool 63!  It feels sooo good! The girls are really frisky this morning. So frisky, that Bella did something totally out of character. She bayed OUTSIDE!  Now, Bella bays a lot. In fact, she is my noisier dog but it is always inside the house. I went out and Bella is in the middle of the yard, hackles up baying at the sky. I didn’t see anything she could be baying at so I’m attributing it to the sudden weather change.


So, to catch up….Daisy did awesome in her first time staying in a hotel. We checked in and there were a ton of people in the lobby. Lots of distractions but she stayed right with me. No pulling on the leash, no trying to sniff everything. In the room she went around sniffing everything. Then did it again and again. The housekeepers were still out in the hallway and we were near the lobby where all those people were so she stood at the door wagging her tail over and over.  She would also perk her ears and tilt her head side to side. I think she thought for sure they were coming to give her something!



I put down her toys so she’d know this was a place we’d be hanging out for a while. I also filled her water bowl and fed her dinner. She had a long day on the road and was hungry for sure!




It took a couple tries for her to decide where she wanted to sleep. I thought that between the couch and TV stand might be a good place but she thought under the desk was better. I probably should have known that. Daisy does generally like to sleep in her crate at night. We stayed at a new LaQuinta Inn and Suites. I would recommend them to anyone traveling with their pets. They don’t charge a pet fee and allow 2 dogs up to 100 pounds each.  Ours also had a free ‘extended’ continental breakfast.



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  1. Sounds like your time of year, Bella! ARROOO!. Thanks for the tip and wonderful photos of Daisy in LaQuinta – up to 100# w/o a pet fee? Wow. Now that is dog friendly. You sound rested – hope you had a lovely weekend.

  2. Glad to here that you had a good trip! It’s cooling down over here as well, we’re definitely enjoying it.

  3. The break in the heat has been great! I’m romping around thanking Fall for coming too! 😀 I’ll have to try baying like Bella. That sounds like fun 😀

    What fun that you and Daisy got to go on a get-away together! Looks like she’s having a luvely time 🙂

    Waggin at ya,

  4. So glad Daisy did well on her new adventure. Hotels can be tough because of all the unexpected noise outside the door. Hint: if you ever get a room near the ice machine, change it immediately.

    I remember on one trip that we had to move the dogs’ beds on the side of the bed away from the front door to get them to lose their vigilance.

    BTW, don’t you wonder what Daisy smelled in that room? 🙂

  5. I stayed with Beryl in a motel in November last year, along with 6 other Greyhound bitches and 2 other people (and everyone behaved perfectly!) but a hotel would be interesting! Glad Daisy had a good stay with you:)

  6. Baying and chilling at the hotel. Love it. : )


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