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Not to be Vain…

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*sings loudly* “You’re soooo vain…you probably think this blog is about you…you’re sooo vain!”  You know, Daisy has a nickname-Show Pony. Yep, she seems to think she is hot stuff. I must agree of course, as I have two beautiful dogs!  It’s just one who really, really knows it though. And, that is your random thought for the day.

Another great announcement: by the time you read this the girls should be moving into their new house. With a new backyard! Pictures of course will be coming soon.  They have LOVED staying with Grannie and Grandpa. Two more people to love them and rub them and feed them treats. Bella still doesn’t go crazy for Grandpa but she does wag her tail when he gets home and will let him pet her when she feels like it. Her acceptance of him unfortunately has not translated into acceptance of any other man.

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  1. Yes, you do have two beautiful dogs, inside and out! Your photos give me a standard to use for mine. Oh, you all will be thrilled to be back together in your own home – with a back yard! WOOHOO.
    BTW, Farrah is doing very well in her foster home. She is wagging her tail and asking to be petted. YESH.

  2. Yay!! So happy that the girls will be coming home, I bet they’re going to be absolutely thrilled too!

  3. Hi Bella and Daisy!

    First off congrats on the new house and yard! Too bad your grandparents can’t come with you.

    The CheeseHounds

    P.S. Nothing wrong with being too cute for words!

  4. Hurray! You get to go back to your new home soon! 😀 Great news!

    Waggin at ya,

  5. Your girls are so pretty! Good luck in your new home. Hope the unpacking goes quickly and the girls settle in well.

  6. Awesome news for you and the girls. Hope you’re all settled in by now and they’re running around the backyard.

    Lovely photo of Daisy:)

  7. Queen Natasha is clear, Daisy – nothing wrong with vanity!

  8. last week, i saw two coonhounds walking around with police in nyc’s penn station. they were part of the k-9 cop unit, and they were absolutely gorgeous. normally, the officers have german shepherds, so this was the first time i’ve seen them with coonhounds. i desperately wanted to go and pet the pups but didn’t want to get arrested or anything, so i controlled myself. 🙂


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