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Sultry Summer

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It’s been to hot to really do anything fun lately.  August here it just scorching hot and humid!  Good thing that napping is one of the girls’ favorite things to do! Here is a picture from cooler times.


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  1. Oh, I know! It is so hot here in NC also! We have not been able to go walking as much as we want because of the heat. Thankfully our mom gets up like around 5:30 before it gets to hot and takes us for a walk! Stay cool!

  2. I think we are all dreaming for cooler days.

  3. Beautiful pic! Miss Bella is so photogenic.

    We’re keeping paws and fingers crossed for cooler weather too…

  4. Bella, you are GORGEOUS. We have had some rain (and hail – saw the dents on my car) which has been a relief for me and a stressor for the thunder-phobics BUT very welcome. Autumn has always been my favorite season and this year especially, bring it on!

  5. What a beauty queen Miss Bella is!!

  6. That is an awesome picture! It looks very cool! Here’s to fall arriving early!

  7. I’ve been napping a lot too. Way too hot! Did get an early early morning hike in though last weekend. Will post on it soon 🙂

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Bella looks so happy, and pretty:) I can’t wait for it to warm up! Although we’re having an extremely mild winter. But it’s not the same as having some decent heat in the air. Luckily it rarely gets too hot where I live, although in summer I don’t walk the dogs til after 7pm when it’s cooled down some. Beryl likes lying in the sun but not doing anything in the heat:)

  9. She looks so happy out there, too! We’re dreaming of better weather here, as well, so we know how she feels. Bella really has the sweetest smile!


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