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What Happens When You get a Wild Hair

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You end up being like one of those dog owners. Haha! Actually, I’ve looked in envy of Ms. Bunny’s pink nails over at Tales and Tails several times. Luckily, Daisy is a willing participant.

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  1. Miss Daisy looks so very tres sheik. Holly’s very jealous of her pretty pink nails. 🙂

  2. Oh my. What a dramatic color. But you’re right. Pink just wouldn’t do, would it?

  3. Look at those Hot Red nails! Love it!

    We left an award for you on our blog today! If you are interested please stop by and take a look!

  4. Wow, Daisy’s toenails look very glamorous! I’ve looked in envy at Bunny’s toenails too but I don’t think Beryl would like having hers painted and it would only accentuate the fact that they’re way too long:(

  5. BOL! Oh No you didn’t?!!!! Looks again…Holey Schmoley YOU DID! Nice job 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Wow! The nails look really good. Did she let you do that without any hesitations on her part? And how did it dry? 😀


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