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Incredible Weekend!

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So, have you ever such an awesome weekend that the high lasts into the start of your week?  THAT is what kind of weekend I had!  I am still flying high. If you remember…this weekend was the weekend Daisy and I went to our first Rally Competition.

So Saturday, we got there early and set up. A HUGE thank you must go out to Grannie who was awesome in packing lunches, running to get things I forgot, and providing moral support. We set up near the rally ring and watched the more advanced groups.  I will be honest, on day one I only saw three hounds in the whole building! Apparently, hounds are not typically known as obedience dogs, who knew?  😉  I think on the first day Daisy felt like she was missing out on things being left in her crate. So many people and dogs walking around-she wanted to be a part of things!

Our first run went well.  Daisy started to get the zoomies in the beginning-oh no!! We got 10 points off of one of our exercises because I *thought* she had sat, but she was actually crouching/play bowing. Oops!  After that, she focused and we completed the exercise with a score of 81/100. We Qualified! It takes 3 qualified scores under 2 different judges to get a Rally Novice (RN) title.

I met and talked to some great Rally people. The lady who was set up next to me was working on her first RAE title with her lab. There were tons of Golden retrievers doing rally this weekend. I had kinda hoped to see more mixed dogs/non registered dogs out having a good time but there were very few. I’m not for sure why this is exactly though.  Maybe serious dog people are more serious about where they get their dogs from?

I'm down! What's next?

Daisy was much more relaxed on Day two. I think she understood a bit what was going on. She knew she’d hang out in the crate, nap, snack, pee, then get to show off in the ring. One thing we have to work on is Daisy NOT trying to meet the judge in the middle of a run. She is such a flirt!  She was much more focused during the run on day two but she did NOT want to down! Perhaps because by the end of the day the ring smelled like dog and she doesn’t think she is a dog?

On Day two we did much better! We earned 91/100! Another qualifying score!  Both of our scores were good enough for a fourth place finish both days! I can’t believe it! Not only did we qualify but we placed too!  It goes way beyond what my expectations were going into this. Right now, I feel like anything and everything is possible.

When I decided to do rally, it was because I thought I could train on my own. I just wasn’t in a place to pay for agility classes and I thought agility was the sport for me! Well, after this weekend I do think I will be sticking with Rally! It is sooo much fun and I’d advise anyone looking to do something with their dogs to look into it.

Bella had a pretty awesome thing happen Sunday too!  Bella has not been on a boat ride in well over a year…before I had Daisy. We had tried a few times but her fear was sheer panic and horrible to watch. When we went to go on the boat Sunday Bella really, really wanted to go. So, we decided to try it. At first, it was just as I expected. Bella shaking, drooling, looking to hide, and generally miserable. She was NOT HAPPY about coming along for the ride.  The boat is a bass style boat with a front deck area. This is where Daisy stands to watch everything passing us and sniff the wind. Well, Bella’s nose took over her brain when we started to go fast. Up she came to stand beside Daisy, sniffing the air, ears flapping in the breeze. Then, she wanted to explore the whole boat. Hopping about, sniffing and enjoying the ride!  I was so happy to see her enjoying herself!  I find it funny my dogs are even opposites in the boat ride. Daisy seems to enjoy going slow more and Bella seems to like going fast more.  Really, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

We had a great weekend!


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  1. Congrats on the 2 Q’s and placing! Miss Daisy looks so smug with her ribbons, and great job Daisy on the boat ride! Sounds like a wonderful weekend all around.

  2. WOW!!! Congrats to you and Daisy! It sounds like you all had a fabulous – and hugely successful – weekend! I love that last pic. So precious!

  3. Whoops, I meant congrats, Bella on the boat ride… 🙂

  4. Wow! That was a super duper weekend! Congratulations to Daisy for her Rally succuss! Wahoooooooo! And way to go Bella! Oh yeah boating is way cool fun 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  5. Congrats to Daisy – that is awesome and what a great step for Bella!!!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and the kind words you left on my blog. It means the world to us during this time.

  6. Congrats Daisy and way to go Bella!!!

  7. Have your feet yet touched the ground? Wow – you showed the world what a Coonhound named Daisy could do in Rally (about which I know very little but sounds like something with a goal for Justus). And Bella on the boat! “Faster, faster!” Who woulda thunk?

  8. You have so much to be proud of with both your girls.

    And keep looking for more mixed breed dogs at competitions. It’s fairly recently that many AKC events have been open to mixed dogs. It will just take some time.

  9. Nice!! Congratulations! Your girls are gorgeous.


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