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Happy Birthday, My Sweet Girl!

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One year ago today, in the dark of night, I was sitting in my car in front of a hotel thinking “What have I done?”  The transport arrived late and they brought out this dog..who was bigger than I expected!  She slept the whole way home.

Week one didn’t go so well. It ended in emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction.  She had serious constipation issues. At the time, they thought that was what made her nauseated but it turns out, that is a whole separate issue.  Why was she constipated? Well, it seems my new dog did not toilet on a leash. Living in an apartment, this was an issue.

It has been a year of life adjustments. The dog park has become our friend out of necessity.  Food changes for allergies, skin issues, nausea, and constipation.

On the flip side, Daisy is the most easy going dog I have ever met. She is so sweet, and ready to participate in whatever activity I have going on. If you tell her something she can’t do, that’s ok, she’ll find something she can do. She can sleep pretty much anywhere. Nothing phases her. She LOVES to play.  She is also very gentle with her sister Bella. Daisy doesn’t push her to be something she is not, and in return Bella is pretty tolerant of her silly ways.

Daisy is more the personality of dog I was hoping for when I first decided to get a dog. I can take her out in public and she enjoys herself. She isn’t reactive, and she isn’t fearful.  She likes dogs and people. And, she is a goof! I wish everyone could see her expressions. She has manged to worm her way right into Grandpa’s heart. She isn’t a super snuggler. She is not the dog to climb up and lay on the couch or try to get into bed. BUT..when she is ready for loving watch out!!! She will come up, paw me and lean on me. She will fall down and roll all over my feet. Basically, she decides when she is ready for attention and I had better be ready to give it! I love my Daisy girl and can’t imagine life without her.

Happy 4th Birthday!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Daisy – and what a ham for the camera; beautiful photo!

    Note to self: Daisy is black & tan; Bella is bluetick; Daisy is black & tan; Bella is bluetick…..

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Daisy! What a great photo of you! Celebrate with craziness 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Nice to meet you Daisy and Happy 4th Birthday!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  4. Happy Birthday! We hope you got lots of treats to celebrate.

  5. Nice to meet you and Daisy. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful girl!


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