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The Best Awesome Exciting Long-Awaited Hound Group.

I think it is no surprise this is my group!  I decided to go to this show because 7 B&T Coonhounds and 2 Blueticks were entered. Only 4 B&T’s showed up though.  The one B&T owner that came in and I got to talk to was really nice. I fed their male, Walker, liver. It was funny cause many of the breeds come in with “stuff” like crates and grooming tables. These folks came in with chairs, a soft sided cooler with treats, and a zip lock bag with a few show leads. LOL  Very easy going. The Bluetick handlers were a couple and Stella was their dog.  They were also showing another Bluetick. They were so nice. Very easy going and asked if I had pictures of the girls (of course I have pictures!).

The other thing about the show was how much yanking they do on the dogs. Lots of leash jerking to keep the dogs with them. Now, I’m not sure why this is. I know some were handled by handlers. So, perhaps less of a bond there? Many of these dogs are young, so they might still be in training. But one dog, the Saluki pictured, really stood out. Mostly because the lady never had to pull or yank on the lead at all! I’m pretty sure it was her personal dog by the way they acted together. And, the lady’s long blond hair kinda looked like her dog!  LOL

Some of the pictures are a bit blurry. I didn’t want to use a flash and it was low light.  I do like how the Afghans’ long fur really does look flowing in some of their pictures though.  I was good, I got the pictures down from 70 to just these!


Orlando Cluster Show-Hound Group

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  1. I’d say you had a dog gone good time at the show 🙂 Lots of great hound photos! Fun!

    Waggin at ya,


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