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The Non-Sporting group is full of odd characters. It seems like they just said “Well, we don’t know what to do with the rest of you-so just go over here”.  You have dogs that really do sports like the Dalmatians with their road trials.  Some people still use poodles to hunt with. Then you have fun companion dogs like the Bichon, and more protective dogs like the Chow. This group is just confused!

I will say that I love the look of a show Chow. Their coat looks soft and cuddly even if they aren’t the personality I would like. I was also glad to see the Shiba Inu as small. So many I have seen out and about are huge! Not fat, but way larger/taller than what the standard says they should be.


Orlando Cluster Show-Non-Sporting Group

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  1. I don’t have the energy or brains for a Dalmatian but oh, they are beautiful dogs!


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