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What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

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So, if your dog eliminates in the ring, it is disqualified. What if the handler pukes? What then?


By the time many of you read this my entry form for Daisy’s first AKC Rally competition will be in the mail.  As I felt nauseated and nervous just sealing the envelope, this does not bode well for the nerves to come.


I really want to do dog sports with Daisy. Well, I wanted to and even took Bella to agility classes but I am sure you know exactly how that turned out with her anxiety.  I would love to try agility or nosework with Daisy but classes aren’t an option right now. So, something I thought I might be able to do on my own was Rally obedience. I bought a book, watched some youtube, and cut up some hot dogs.  The match is still 4 weeks away but I think we’ll be ready. At least ready enough we won’t completely embarrass ourselves. Actually, so I won’t embarrass myself. Daisy would go out and lay down and nap and be perfectly content.


We’ve had some real rough points. I’m no professional trainer. My dog experience is limited to very basic stuff. I’ve never really needed a dog to do more than sit, wait, leave it, you know-ultra basics. So now I need her doing right finishes and sitting next to me and weaving, and walking around me while I turn in the opposite direction. I also have to motivate her to focus on me for more than 13 seconds at a time. And just in case you haven’t noticed-she is a coonhound. “Biddable” is not exactly high up on her trait list.


Do you do rally or do some other dog sport?  Have you competed? What was it like? I think I might go ahead and start the list of things I want to take that day. Number one on my list is Grannie. She will be there for sure! Having fun and remembering to breathe is on the top of my to-do list. I will be trying to work out a couple things we still don’t have down and pray they don’t show up on the course during the competition.


I should let Daisy give me lessons on how to relax.


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  1. Gorgeous photo…Daisy looks so peaceful and chill. Good luck with your first competition. I look forward to reading about your training adventures and the big day! : )

  2. She’s beautiful (both of them are)! I have not competed but I want to do agility with Scout. Just try to have FUN! That’s the most important part 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to hear how you do in the competition. We’ll be sending good thoughts your way.


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