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Today’s message goes out to all those who work in animal rescue. I read your blogs and hear the stories and continue to be surprised at how people act.  So…


Thank you. Not just for the animals. Honestly, thank you for dealing with all the crap that humans put on you. The ones who did things that made the pets end up in your care and those who say they care and want to help but only if you jump through their hoops.


I read an exchange recently that just left me going “Huh?” If you want to help, just help! Why do people have to put tags and conditions on things? Find an organization you trust, who has a similar vision you do, then let them do what they do best! Since I don’t work in rescue, it was just odd to be privy first hand to the conversation for once.

Backstory: A rescue was able to pull a sick dog from a kill shelter just in time (why is it always just in time these days?) The new foster mom was pretty excited and updating those who had interest in the story that the dog was indeed safe. Although I can’t remember the exact words it went something like this:

Rescue mom: Yay We were able to pull this sweet girl from the shelter! She has mange and unfortunately has heartworms. She is very underweight but safe.

Citizen: Oh! This is great news!  I would like to donate some food for her.

Rescue mom: Well, the easiest way to donate to the rescue is through our paypal link on the website.

Citizen: But I want to donate food.

Rescue mom: Well, we are a network of foster homes and she is several states away from you. She is going to have quite a few medical bills the rescue would appreciate you donating to her care.

Citizen: Oh, well, I do have my own 3 dogs. Money is tight (blah blah blah-excuses).

Now, At this point I could understand, perhaps the helpful citizen gets a huge discount on dog food. So for them, it might be super easy and affordable to donate when they felt close to this pup’s story BUT it continues…..

Citizen: So, is she going to start heartworm treatment? What kind? I might want to donate.

Rescue mom: Well, right now we are going to work on helping her gain some weight and treat her mange. She isn’t healthy enough to go through heartworm treatment at this time. But she is going to have a lot of vet bills with the ear infection the vet found, her mange and her spay.

Citizen: Well, can you do the slow kill treatment for the heartworms? I would like to donate towards that treatment, as long as it isn’t the harsher injections.

Rescue mom: We don’t know what method will be chosen right now, but perhaps you could check back in a month or two when she is healthier?


OK, really? It is just me or were their way to many terms and conditions for this “help” the citizen was offering? I mean, if you don’t agree with heartworm injection treatment and you have the money, say it’s for the mange, or the ear infection. Or better yet, just be happy one more dog was saved from a kill shelter and is getting healthy and ready for a forever home! You either have the money to donate, or you don’t. Which is it?


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have not yet had this conversation. Reading it was frustrating. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head to help with animal rescue, but we are always grateful. Here is what we need: web design, donations where the donator will trust us to use the funds for the dogs (honestly, we will), dog walkers, cat cuddlers, poop scoopers, people who can edit video to make it look great (video is a wonderful tool on Petfinder), grant writers (I personally have 3 opportunities for grants but haven’t yet made the time), as well as the daily need for blankets, washable toys, crates, bleach, towels, etc. and hands on dependable volunteers.
    Your rescue person was being honest – I am sure she obviously cannot commit to a time and type of heart-worm treatment – the dog needs basic groceries, mange treatment and love first. She needs to learn be a dog who is loved. With my little Sweet Taffy, we (vet, fellow rescuer and I) have a similar conundrum. Her heart-worms are bad. We are not at all sure we can do the whole banzai treatment; we may opt for the monthly med to start. Health-wise, we are building her up but she is coughing hard today.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    BTW, Hoss, the Redbone in the prison dog training program, is ready to test for his Canine Good Citizenship. Anyone want an incredible, child friendly, house trained dog?
    You know on WordPress where you can say this is an awesome entry? I hope you said it about this entry. I have thought of leaving rescue but to whom would my hounds go? How could I back away from the loves of my life? I and none of us can save everyone; we all can make a difference – one dog, cat, horse, bunny at a time.

  2. Yes, yes, yes!

    My personal rule is if I feel good enough about giving to a cause or organization at all, I feel good enough to give a gift that is entirely unrestricted. If I don’t trust someone to use what I give without me looking over their shoulder, why am I giving to them at all?


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