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Weekend on Wednesday

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Yeah, I’m behind!  I’ve been busy the last couple days!  We had a very busy weekend of dog stuff…let me help you catch up.

Saturday dawned with a quick dog park trip. Nothing exciting happened though-in fact, Daisy was less enthusiastic than normal. I think Grannie tipped her off about the fun she was going to have that night so Daisy was saving up her energy.

In front of the sea plane

Saturday night Grandpa, Daisy, and I drove to a nearby town for a Pups on the Patio event. It was the first one they have had, and it will be the first Saturday each month.  It was more than one patio though. There were several businesses and restaurants along a street on a lake that opened their patios to everyone’s well behaved pooches. It was set up as a fundraiser for the local Humane Society. For 10 bucks you could get 1 adult or 1 non adult beverage at 4 or 5 different places. Well worth it if you want to do a pub crawl with your dog!  LOL

So, Grandpa and I chose the Irish pub to eat at mostly because it is hot here and the patio was completely covered. The food was great and Daisy behaved like a lovely lady. No begging for food, and no pulling on the leash to meet other dogs. She even laid down for a bit and relaxed.

Although I’m living in a relatively rural area I was surprised at all the “rare” type dogs that were there. Chinese Crested, Wheaten Terriers, a Bull Terrier, an Akita, and although not a rare breed, it is rare to see 7 standard poodles all together!

Yes, you are seeing that right. Daisy got to take a horse and carriage ride Saturday!  It was another fund raiser for the Humane Society.  Really, it was just like riding in a car for her I think. I had been a tad worried- her only other previous experience with a horse was police horses and she did not want to be nice to them!  She didn’t even really notice the horse at all this time. The driver recognized her right away! All night I had been being asked about my “bloodhound” but this lady knew a Black and Tan Coonhound right away. She had one once upon a time and hadn’t seen one in years.  I am glad I could bring back some happy memories.

Driving to go hiking-yep it's a dirt road.

Sunday, I wanted to make sure to do something Bella would have fun doing. So hiking it was!! It is the first time we went hiking in this area and oh boy did we learn a lesson (Grannie and I). You see, in all the urban area hiking the girls and I have done we have yet to of encountered one type of prey. Deer. Well, I should say tracks of deer as there were no deer to be seen (thank goodness!).

Bella turned into a crazy hunting dog! I almost couldn’t believe she had it in her. There was no anxiety. Just a need to GO! She pulled so hard, without regard to her own safety. Her ears were turned off to us, or anything else. She even did this ‘whomp’ sound with her mouth on the trail. Grannie couldn’t keep a hold of her so we traded dogs. Its hard to believe Daisy was the better trail walker.

I loved seeing Bella so happy. Her tail did not stop wagging while we were out. It was funny when we turned around-Bella did NOT agree with our decision. For that matter, she didn’t like us staying on the trail instead of heading into the bush after the scent. I could really see her being a real hunting dog rather than some puppy mill cast off.  I am so glad I bought her an easy walk harness long ago (which, she never used or needed). I will need it the next time we go to at least save herself from the choking. And there will be a next time-very soon I hope!

Due to the mighty huntress behavior of the girls-I forgot to take pics on the hiking trail. I tried at the trail head when we were finished but of course while Daisy has no issue hamming it up for the camera, Bella assumes the sign is part of the coming apocalypse and will fall on her at any moment.  (and no, she isn’t looking toward anything in this picture-she is avoiding the sign-tail tucked) It’s like all that confidence she had while walking just washed away. *sigh*

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  1. My Oh My did y’all have a super duper weekend or what?!!! Yay! How exciting to go on a horse and buggy ride! Good show Daisy! And hurray for Bella in the country! Must have been pure joy seeing her take to it like that! Well except for the pulling but as you said, a different halter next time! 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  2. wow you found the fun for your babies, didn’t you! sounds like a great weekend.
    really enjoyed reading about it. so how are you and how is the job? traveling our
    way anytime soon? hugs, renee

  3. wow, that doggy pubcrawl looks like alot of fun… I’ll have to keep an eye out for something like that happening near here!
    Also, easy-walk harness was definitely one of my best dog related purchases!

  4. Wonderful news of both Daisy and Bella; yesh to the huntress! Wow. And what a great idea for a fundraiser along the water.

  5. That fundraiser sounds like lots of fun. I wish we could have gone.

    And the contrast between Daisy and Bella made this a great post. It reminds me of those old Warner Brother cartoons of the city cousin and the country cousin.

  6. What a wonderful weekend! I’m super impressed by all the dog friendly events that were going on in your area. It’s great that the money was going towards a worthy cause, plus, who doesn’t love a good pub crawl?! 😀


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