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We Have Company!

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The girls had guests over this morning! OK, not exactly, and this morning I didn’t take the girls out to see them. Both girls have seen the manatees but they don’t really show any interest I them.  This morning here was a mama and baby, and one that was in between the baby/mama size. I thought perhaps the mom’s calf from last year?  They like the canal because it is calm and quiet. Lots of food, and little boat traffic.  They have even been seen giving birth at the end of the canal.

Manatees are just really interesting to watch. They are naturally curious and unafraid of humans. This is also their downfall, because they try to come up to boats, then get ran over and injured or killed. In fact, Sea World released one they rehabilitated here in our little town just this week! I saw the boat on its way through town with the rental truck. I would like to know why Sea World uses a Ryder rental rather than having their own truck.
Lil\’ Joe Release

These are the pictures from the dock this morning.

Baby eating algae off the dock post

Mom stroking her baby

"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

Mom and baby swimming

Bye! We'll be back again later!

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  1. So cool and yet, as you say, dangerous to the manatees. Lovely to see – thanks for sharing.
    BTW, I LOVED the photo of Daisy baying up the tree!

  2. Oh you had wonderful visitors! Mom luvs manatees 🙂 Great photos of them!

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Thanks for sharing the great pix. I’ve never seen a manatee live but I’ve always dreamt of kayaking in the everglades. Maybe someday?

  4. Those pictures are so sweet! It must be really cool living where you can be that close to that sort of nature. Thanks for sharing!


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