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New Dog Park!

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There is only one dog park within a reasonable driving distance from us now. Good thing for us it is awesome!  Online says it is 15 acres. There is a pond in the largest section (pictured below). There are trees and squirrels (which Daisy says is the most important thing).  The small dog section is really nice too. And although I don’t have a small dog, I do see that in many dog parks-they aren’t always given a nice area.

Daisy is fully aware of the squirrel situation. So she runs and runs looking for one.  Sometimes she finds one and chases it up a tree-and holds it there for me. Sometimes, like this morning, she runs and runs looking but doesn’t find anything. I don’t think she’s upset about it though-she is stretched out on the floor napping. She was so tired she didn’t want to get out of the car when we got home.


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  1. What a lovely park! Good for Daisy – a tired dog is a happy dog, so I have heard :).

  2. Wow! That’s a HUGE dog park! You are super lucky that it’s close to the house.

    I love that it has a separate small dog area. Gus is pretty timid, so we always feel more comfortable keeping him with the little doggers. 🙂

    I love it when they’re SO exhausted after a good trip to the park!

  3. If it has a pond for getting wet and muddy, squirrels to chase, and is big enough to tire the coonhounds out – it’s a great park!

    Also a very neat one, judging by your picture 🙂

  4. 15 acres? Good grief! Superb! Wondering about the pond. How do they keep gators out of it? Beautiful place for a good romp 🙂

    Waggin at ya,

    • I think it is just luck and distance from other bodies of water that keep the gators out. That, and there isn’t much food for them. It’s a pond they made when they built the park/parking lot so its pretty new.

  5. with the 1 acre empty off-leash area we have in my neihgbourhood, i’m very jealous of your dog park! we have basically a big empty backyard for anyone to come into, nothing so spectacular as that!

  6. Good grief…I want to play there! It looks amazing. 🙂


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