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Hiking Day!

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So, I managed to get the girls out for a hike before I totally felt under the weather. They were very happy to get out and see something new in the world.  Daisy, as always, carried our supplies.  Bella thought for sure the sign was about fall on her-she did NOT like standing there.

This is one of several trails built around an old dam and mill. The mill isn’t in operation but the old covered bridge house is still standing.

The girls were tired after the hike-and Bella didn't like the falling water noise.

The first part of the trail was HOT. There wasn’t any trees and the dirt was really sandy. And there were HILLS!  Coming from an area where everything has always been flat the hills were hard for all of us!  I think they would have been fine if they weren’t sandy.  Then we got to the shaded area closer to the lake the hike was really nice.  This was also the first trail that had tree hash marks to mark the way to go. Living in an urban area before-those just weren’t necessary.

Hurry up mom! We are ready to go!

Wait! Don't leave us!

The girls had a great time at this new park.  All new scenery and new smells and new adventure.  They also seem to have an innate understanding of trails. Or, they like to take the easy road. No going off into the brush-they stay right on track.  It’s hard to hold leashes and film and try to walk, not trip, and hold the camera steady.

The girls are already wishing me better so they can go out again.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the pet mom’s out there!  And Happy Mother’s Day to Grannie!


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  1. Pretty good video – very pretty path and gorgeous dogs :). Hope you are feeling better. The water is down here and I brought the boarded Coonhounds back :). All three were quiet in the car till we pulled in the drive and they realized they were home – pandemonium! LOL.

  2. We love hiking with the dogs, and I’m hoping we’re going to be able to get out and do more again soon! Daisy and Bella look like pros out there!

  3. Fun first hike in your new area 🙂 I could hear birdies on the video…nice 🙂 Hope Mom’s feeling better today! 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful hike! I’m with you on your dislike for the heat…we avoid certain parks that have no shade when the temperature rises.

    P.S. Love the new look! I contemplated switching to the Liquorice theme – it’s so cute!


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