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I love the nose picture. She is so happy in that shot even though her face is a bit blurry. Plus, she loves to sniff breath so I see that shot in real life pretty frequently.  What you don’t see in that picture is the big nose slime she did to the camera lens just after that shot was taken. LOL


Whee! I'm flying!!

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  1. Yeah – even though I voted for the other one. I just had my car detailed – OMG. I keep looking in my rear view mirror where I can actually VERY CLEARLY now see out the back, no longer dog nose slimed, window :). You take great photos, BTW.

  2. Oh my gosh. I LOVE that nose picture!! That would be adorable blown up and framed!

  3. You’d better tell Daisy that if she doesn’t get her right flap up, she’ll end up flying in circles.

    Love the new title, BTW. It startled me a little bit when I didn’t recognize it. And yes, it’s certainly better than the alternative.

  4. I just love that picture! It makes me want to put on some flip flops and head out to enjoy the sunshine somewhere!


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