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May I have your attention please?

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As the coonhounds Lady in Waiting, I am also responsible for press releases.


I would like to announce that “Coonhounds in the City” will no longer be an appropriate title for this blog. The girls are moving. Don’t worry, the interweb address will be the same so all their followers can still find them.  But their home will be moving from a population of over 335,000 to just over 27,000.  Sadly “Coonhounds in a Moderately Sized Semi-Rural City” just doesn’t have a good ring to it-so it will be a work in progress.


The girls will be happy in the end-they are going to have a yard to call their own! They will be able to run and play and be happy. Plus, almost twice the amount of indoor space than they have now. In the meantime, this is how they are taking the news, and general uproar in the house:

Pbtthh!! You go pack...I'm gonna nap.

Oh dear! lots of noise, lots of activity, not sure whats going on here!!



So, besides my normal duties as the Lady in Waiting, I also have to pack-in less than 2 weeks. (yes, things move fast here).  So, please hang with me if I’m not posting as much. I’m going to very busy for the next few weeks but will be sure share anything great the girls do!  I will also let you see the girls in their new crib as soon as I can!  I also need to apologize to some of you I think. I recently found out I have a “spam comments” folder and that some good comments are being sent there. Of course, this folder is regularly emptied by wordpress so I have been missing some comments. From this point forward, I will be checking it regularly so I don’t miss anything y’all have to say to me!

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  1. Yeah and congrats on the move!! Sounds like the girls will be so happy having more space and a yard!! I know its ironic to say you have a hound in the city. People give me that look all the time with Fred when they find out we dont live in the country and in fact with live in suburbia land 🙂
    Happy packing!

  2. Good luck with the move!!! We will be doing this very soon, so will be curious to see how the “evil twins” do. Dakota is an old hand at moving but this will be a first for the dals!

  3. How exciting! Happy packing and I hope you have a good move and the girls settle down well. Till your next post…:)

  4. “Coonhounds at their Estate” ?? I need to unclutter my house so bad as I would not be able to pack for a move in two weeks – egads! Have a great time – look forward to the next entry.

  5. Yay for country living! 😀 Can’t wait to see the new digs! Hope the move goes smoothly fur yaz 🙂

    Wishin I was waggin at ya,

  6. Congratulations!! I read this post a couple of days ago and thought I commented…but I guess not. So excited to see/hear more about your new digs!

    P.S. Thanks so much for posting that link. The dog looked so much like Gus and I’m happy that when I re-clicked tonight, it said the dog was no longer available. Woohoo!


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