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Not Your Dad’s Old Watering Trough

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So, the Cadillac of Dog Parks comes complete with the ultimate watering contraptions for the dogs. They are scattered all over.  In such a large place there is the issue of providing water for the dogs, and not having it sitting full of dirt and mold. Not to mention lost/stolen/broken bowls, and huge lakes of mud around the bowls.  Well, problem solved! The only slight issue for me is I have to be there to turn the water on, but today there was a dog who could turn the water on for himself so it isn’t an issue for everyone.


Thanks Bella, for the demonstration.  You can see, there is the top part of a trashcan buried into the  ground and filled with small rocks for drainage. The post comes up and the bowl is bolted to it. The water comes out by pressing or pulling that small blue piece of PVC type pipe.  The bowl has a small hole in the bottom, so the water can drain out.  It isn’t too big-the girls can drink their fill before the water is gone but large enough for dirt to run through. This invention provides, clean, fresh water and eliminates most of the mud issue and the dogs can’t trot off with the bowls or use them as toys. How does your dog park solve the water bowl issue? Or is it one that has all the issues?


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  1. Isn’t that the sweetest Blue Tick you have ever seen????

  2. That looks like a great dog park!! The one we occasionally go to doesn’t have any type of watering fountain – everyone brings their own and have the typical problems with muddy areas and dogs taking off with the bowls. I don’t think any of the dog parks around here have anything so cool. And I love that one dog could turn it on for himself!

  3. We don’t have a dog park. That water station is ingenious. Good dog, Bella!

  4. What a great idea for fresh water! Several of San Antonio’s newer dog parks have fancy schmancy steel water troughs with excellent drainage. It really looks quite amazing. Functional and sleek!

  5. that is ingenious! i had to take a really close look at it.

    yeah, we have some mud puddles here. dogs seem to prefer drinking out of them than clean water bowls! since our drought, a lot of the taps in parks have been removed.

    one of the newer parks here has a similar rock pool idea with a tap that you press for the water to flow out. unfortunately, the rock pool is now scummy and frankly, i’d rather my dogs drink from a mud puddle than a scummy green pool.

    i once saw a neat dog tap in canberra [featured in an old woo woo wow wow post] that is supposedly snake-proof 🙂

  6. That is brilliant!

    Our dog park has a drinking fountain with a drain, so you fill it, but what the dogs don’t drink in a few moments goes down the drain. It works pretty well and we’ve been impressed that it keeps up with all the dogs there!

  7. Now that’s what I call a water bowl! Someone was thinkin 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  8. How genius of them. Would be nice if more dog parks came up with something like that. I remember when we used to visit them water bowls were always dirty and water had to be provided… and then you have those bowl digger dogs that ruin the fresh water for everyone. Glad some parks have thought past that.


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