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My First Blogging Award!

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So, I would like to thank Georgia Little Pea for giving me this stylish blogger award.  It is my first award ever! It’s funny, because Sweet Georgia is a newer read for me-I recently discovered her blog through a post she made to me! Or maybe the blog hop…I can’t keep track!  😀

Blogger awards are kinda like chain letters-but all in good fun rather than threatening your very existence on earth. So the conditions of this award are to share 7 secrets and pass it along to other bloggers. Now, I’ve read it is suppose to be 15 but goodness! That is a whole lot of people, so I’m going to pass it on to just a few of my favorite bloggers.


First the seven secrets and since this blog is about the girls, of the secrets are too (shh! don’t tell them I said anything).

1. Daisy is a self-entertainer. She has a toy box and when she wants to play she goes over and gets the toy that suits her fancy.

2. Bella, many times, is frightened by her own tail wagging.

3. Daisy does not like to poop on a leash, she can hold it for miles and miles, and this results in almost daily dog park trips.

4. Bella loves to lay like a frog especially first thing in the morning.

5. Daisy can’t stand upright in the car to save her life. The smallest tap of the brake tips her over unless she is laying down.

6. Bella tends to really like kids, surprising since she isn’t around them much and they tend to scare me!

7. Lately, my two have been playing musical crates. They keep switching back and forth where they are sleeping at night.


So, I have a few favorite blogs to recognize and reward with this award.  If you aren’t on this list, I still love you but I can’t put my whole reading list on here!

The first is Roberta over at Silverwalk Hounds. As my readers know, I have a thing for hounds and I love reading about her foster (and personal) dogs. She even has a couple coonies right now! Check them out.


Second is one many of you know and love.  Bunny is a sweet greyhound that likes to share the joys and tribulations of sharing a home with two other greyhounds and a German Shepherd. In a future life, I’d like to maybe foster greyhounds. They seem to fit my lifestyle.


My third blog pick is Fiona and Abby .  They are two sisters who love to wrestle and play every single day. I love them wrestling and playing bitey face in the snow right now (and collecting snowballs on their fur). We don’t have that issue here thank goodness!


Who knew there could be another sweet Bella in the world?  She lives in NYC and can’t wait for winter to be over!  Some people don’t think greyhounds are expressive like many dogs but this girl proves them wrong!


Finally there is The Cat Rescuer . That is right, I have a cat blog on my reading list!  The love this lady has for cats is enough to draw in even the most die-hard dog lover.  She just started her own cat rescue this year so be sure to go check it out.

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  1. Well, I know how I discovered YOU 🙂

    You’re right about the chain letter bit! I don’t know anyone on your list except Bunny, so I think I have some reading to do this weekend. Bella and Daisy sound funny, especially number 2 hehe.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks so much for the award! I feel so special! Anytime anybody thinks I’m worthy of praise, I’m a happy little hound!


  3. Grannie thinks The Lady in Waiting should win the Best Mommie Ever
    Award- It is wonderful what you have done and are doing for the girls, YOU inspire me everyday girlie!!

  4. Congrats on your award!

    So funny that Daisy doesn’t like to poop while on her leash! I guess he likes her privacy. 😉

  5. Congratulations on your award. What I really like about your dog blog is how the girls are so different, which you seem to take in stride without letting it get to you; you adjust, notice, rejoice in their complete individuality.

    We are honored to have this passed to us. I am just learning about blog hops but what fun. I will need to think of our 7 secrets. Here is one right now: Danny Quinn, the poop-aholic, on my lap, asleep and farting. EUWW :).


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