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New Park!

Daisy was a brave sister and went to try out a new park and trail for us this weekend. Bella stayed at home because I didn’t know the area so it might have been too noisy/crowded for her to handle.  Well, I must say Daisy and I had a blast. The trail is wooded and shady and far enough away from parking lots, roads, and playgrounds that I can say Bella will be going sometime in the near future! it is also short enough we can walk it a couple of times and mom here isn’t too tired.


Shady and quiet.


I was happy with Daisy. I did need her EZ Walk harness because the squirrels were numerous and frisky (it is spring here).  She also saw her first armadillo!  She looked really really hard at it but decided it wasn’t that interesting and lost focus.  She kept her focus with me when passing people and other dogs.  We even took an unpaved nature trail that she enjoyed very much.

In this park you can rent canoes….I think Daisy wants to give it a try!  I say-never with Daisy! I’d end up in the drink for sure!


Can we mom? huh? Can we?

Can Bella come next time?

Yes Daisy, Bella can come next time!



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  1. Wonderful looking trail. We have one that goes for miles – some spots more secluded than others. Well used. Hope Bella does well :). Daisy is simply gorgeous – love her sitting by the canoes -HA.

  2. Looks like a beautiful park…very serene. We enjoy the trails the most when it’s not busy. Otherwise Gus gets so distracted.

    Daisy’s first armadillo?! I can’t believe she wasn’t interested!


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