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I Can’t Comment Anymore!

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I need a tech guru-bad. I am so frustrated. I want to go out read and comment on blogs but unless you use wordpress, I no longer can.

I have a blogger account-can’t use it. I can not use my openID and I can not use the name/url option on peoples blogs!  I’m thinking it must be something with my computer.

This morning my two latest victims are Buzz the Diabetic Dog who is discussing the wonders of Barking Deals.

I also wanted to enter the calming collar contest that the awesome Cooper and Lola are giving away. But i have to be able to leave a comment but I can’t.

I had been able to use my blogger account to comment but no longer. I am sad.

Update!! I might have figured it out. I’ve been doing some research (also known as googling). I needed to allow third party cookies.  I was just able to leave Bunny the Greyhound a comment!


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  1. Yeah! I know the computer can be frustrating!!!!!!!!!!! (My Web site class for example) But, if you keep on wrking at it- most times you can figure it out!

    love all my girls!!!!

  2. And you have changed your theme – I like it! – were your WP before? I think so. So frustrating. I don’t comment every day on every blog but I do enjoy the ability. Hope you did find the way….


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