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Living with Opposites

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Today I had a great illustration in how different my dogs really are in personality. Of course, I understand this but when I have such a display as I did today, I feel the need to share.

This afternoon I gave Daisy a stuffed frozen kong and gave Bella a bully stick. They were both happily enjoying their treats. So I gathered up all their towels, t-shirts, and bedding to go in the wash. During this Daisy never looked up at me. I think she might have passingly wagged her tail at me when I came close. Bella on the other hand stopped chewing and looked WORRIED! I could almost hear her inner dialogue “Wonder why mom is taking our stuff? What did we do? Is she upset? Is she taking us somewhere? Where will I sleep tonight? OMG I don’t have a home!!!”  Yep, Bella has issues. LOL

Daisy on the other hand didn’t worry until she felt it was bedtime. Then she had her own version of issues. She went into her crate, spun around, sniffed, came out and looked at me.  Then she put her front paws in the crate, sniffing around, then looked back at me (their bed covers were in the dryer still). She did her three spins right outside her crate and laid down with a huff. When I brought her bed back in she wagged her tail happily and climbed right into her crate.

My funny girls.


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  1. Dogs are so different. That’s one of the reasons I find them so fascinating. Each has their own personality, just like humans and other animals. I love getting to know them, getting to find out new little facets of who they are.

  2. I had bought cute cat beds for each of my personal small dogs – 4 total. Then, as I was switching out bedding one day, Sheila Sheltie kept going in and laying on the new blankets of each changed crate. So, Sheila now has a blanket instead of her cute bed – and she is happy :). Yep, smiles every day.

  3. Awww…such distinctive personalities! Gus is definitely more like Bella, always worrying and wondering what we’re doing. We wish he was more easy going like it sounds Daisy is.

    I bet they enjoyed their soft, fluffy bedding!


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