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Dressing Up the Dog

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So, I tried to write this on my WordPress iphone app. Lets just say I understand why it has such low rating. It crashed and my post is there-I can read it, but it won’t allow me to publish it, so everything must be typed again. But I’ll type it word for word so you’ll know what was going on.


So, I came up with a great way to stop Daisy from doing so much damage when she is scratching.  I bought her some wife beater style t-shirts and I must say she is rather cute in them.  She doesn’t mind the new clothes at all.

I took this picture on my Iphone and since we are the only folks at the dog park today I am doing something I never do. i am sitting relaxing and just letting her wander and chase squirrels-while I fit a blog post in. (Now of course you understand I’ve had to do it twice).


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  1. Awww she looks cute in her tank top… I buy 3T baby clothes for C&L and then alter them on the sewing machine. Must be nice to just throw something on and go.

  2. We’ve had our fair share of mishaps with the iPhone WordPress app too…I feel your pain.

    The tank fits really well…and much less expensive than dog clothes!


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