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I’d love to hear how you follow other blogs. I have been going down my list of bookmarks everyday to go to each page and see if there was a new post. I don’t like being a ‘follower’ because I don’t want the posts clogging my inbox and I can’t associate it easily with my wordpress profile. Well, when my hard drive crashed and I had to buy a new one it came with the newer operating system for mac. The new mail program allows me to organize and make a RSS feed for all my favorite blogs. It checks for updates every thirty minutes.

So, although I won’t be coming to your site everyday I will be getting every update from y’all. You all have you own place now. I am very excited!

Now I need to go clean up after Daisy. She has pulled pretty much every toy out of her box and is eating the strings off of one of them. LOL


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  1. I want to list myself as a follower of the blogs I like but mostly, I put them on my dog-blessed blogroll or on my iGoogle home page. Which reminds me – I have been remiss about adding you :).

  2. I use Google reader. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it doesn’t bug me unless I log in. I’m not a big fan of email updates because for the most part my email is so clogged with spam and junk mail and all that crap. Unless it’s a personal email, I tend to just delete the whole thing in one swopp every other day.

  3. You can use googlereader, a lot of people like that.

    I use blogger, so when I “follow” a blog, nothing goes to my inbox (never even HEARD of such a thing before…? and I am always trying to get new followers on my work blog, so that’s news to me!) . Anyway, with blogger, when you follow a blog, when you log in to your account it just displays the new posts of the blogs you follow when you log in and you click the links. I like that.


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