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Happy New Year!!!

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So, let me tell you about Christmas morning with the girls. The grandparents were here to deliver presents and Santa came for Bella and Daisy!

Daisy is like the little kid who wants to help open everyone’s presents. She was so interested in everything and wanted to smell it as you were opening it.  Her tail never stopped wagging, she was just so happy that we were happy and that she got to be included!  When it was her turn to open gifts she was sooo excited!  She dove into the tissue to find a new squeaky toy. I think her favorite new toy is her flirt pole. It has a squeaky squirrel on the end.

Bella was very interested in her boxes. She was also very nervous because grandpa was here and he was holding a camera.  But, she did well and laid and watched all the excitement. She rolled her eyes at Daisy’s exuberance (well, that is what I think I saw).  Once it was her turn she went right over to Grannie who was helping with the gifts. She likes smelling everything as it was opened.  Of course, Daisy wanted to help with Bella’s too.

Both of the girls love their new rhinestone collars and custom bandannas (with their names and everything!).  They both got food toys. Daisy loves hers and I’m helping Bella learn how to play with hers.  They ended their morning snacking on new bully sticks.

Santa came!!!

Pretty new collar!

This smells good!

Grannie! Open it faster! Hurry!

OMG!!!!! It squeaks! Get the paper off!!

Bella likes the squeaky too

Bully sticks for Christmas!

I think I'd rather shiver than wear this.


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  1. Grannie and Grandpa had a blast with the girls and Lady in Waiting!!

  2. Happy New Year to you too! I received 2 bags of kibbles, 4 catnip toys and 46 luxury Schesir dinners for the holidays! I’m a happy cat 🙂

  3. Too sweet! I am glad you all had such a great holiday! It makes all the rushing around worth while.

  4. Ooooo! You girls are totally styling! I love those fancy collars and sweatshirts. I am so glad you had a good Christmas!

    We’d rather be where it’s warm, too, but we figure we have to make the best of what we’ve got!



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