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Letters to Santa..

Hey Santa,

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, I was a little busy guarding the balcony from the squirrels.  Then I had to take a couple naps.  I’m really a great coonhound!  I bay at the squirrels and try to chase the cats; I can reach my own treats in the table when I want them…oh wait, um..  I’m sorry!  I really do try to be a good girl!  It’s my nose! It’s a curse I tell you!  I was trying to play with the squirrels, yeah, that’s it!  And I was just making sure Mom’s bike was working-that’s why I chewed on her pedal!

So, I guess I won’t be getting anything from you Santa.  I don’t think it’s fair we have to be good all year!  I can be good for like 10 whole minutes; shouldn’t that count?!?  If I could make a list I’d put treats, and squeaky toys, and treats, and squeaky toys, and maybe something fun to put my food in, and treats….wait, I think I said that one already.

Please forgive me Santa,

Your delightfully playful Coonhound Daisy



A quick note from Mom:

Santa, both of the girls have been very good this year. Bella has grown up so much and I am so proud.  Daisy might get into things a bit, but she keeps me laughing and that is good enough for me!  I hope you remember them on your trip this year.


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  1. You know what, Daisy. All dogs are always good all year round. Sure, you may get into some things you aren’t supposed to, you may cause a little trouble, you may make a mess, and you may even make humans a little mad. But your heart is always in the right place. More often then not, when you make a mistake, it isn’t your fault. Because you are a beautiful, loving dog, I am pretty sure Santa will have something special in his sleigh for you. It’s only us naughty humans that have to worry.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Dear Daisy and the sweetest Bella,

    I have it on good authority that Santa has heard your requests, and by the way He thinks you both are sooooo special!! He told me he was very proud of both of you for having to train your mom!!! I think you are really going to be happy with your presents for your first Christmas with your forever family!!!
    Grannie loves her grand dogs!!!!

  3. We are betting everyone will be receiving a visit from Santa!


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