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Letters to Santa…

Dearest Santa,

Bella here.  I want you to know I have tried to be a very good girl this year. I’m sorry for running away that one day that scared Mom and for being sick on the carpet twice. I promise I didn’t mean it!  I have been a very good girl since Mom brought me home.  When I got here I didn’t really didn’t know what I wanted-everything scared me but Mom and Daisy have been working to find things that I like.

So Santa, if you have a little room in your sleigh for some gifts for me I would really appreciate it.  If I’m allowed to ask for things then I’d like some yummy treats to chew on, and some pretty collars to wear when I get to go special places. I promise  I won’t get them dirty!  I’ve also been thinking that perhaps I could try having my own squeaky toy. But if you can’t do this, I’ll understand. I’m happy just to hang out here in my new home!

Thank you,

The Sweetest Bluetick Bella



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