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Daisy has worms….

I guess it’s inevitable given our dog park frequency.  I was sooo excited yesterday becuase I took her outside for what I thought would be a pee break and she ended up pooping. Oh joyous day!  She actually pooped on a leash.  I had to go back home to get poop backs because I don’t carry them with Daisy. I was sooo happy and thinking my girl was growing up.

Well, I took them for a walk in the park and Daisy started having bloody diarrhea.  Poor girl. She acts fine-don’t tell her she’s sick cause she’s not going to believe you.

Went to the vet this morning and she has whipworms. They suggested switching from Heartguard to Interceptor. Right now, I have a lot of Heartguard left so we’ll stick with that for a bit.  I also worry about switching products. The only time I ever tried a different med with a dog it ended up with heartworms. I know I did what I was supposed to but it worries me that a drug I don’t trust or know might end up hurting the girls even if it prevents more types of worms.


Thanks Grannie for the eucalyptus and rosemary soap. The girls smell great and their coats are soft and shiny!

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  1. Grannie and Grandpa love love love the grand dogs!! They are two very special girls!!

  2. We switched from Heartguard to Interceptor, and didn’t have any issues. Both girls have fairly stout constitutions, but it didn’t seem to cause them any issues, for what it is worth.

    -Dr. Liz (Fiona and Abby’s Mom)

  3. Yikes! Poor Daisy. I understand not wanting to switch so abruptly. This dog medication stuff isn’t easy. It is hard to know what is best with so much conflicting information out there.

  4. awww poor daisy… love your blog…


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