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Cold Weather Willies

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So the cold weather has finally hit out area and its has certainly caused the girls to act a little funny.  Mostly they are wimps. They shiver when its 68 in my house.  I’m glad it doesn’t snow here!

Today they decided to go crazy at the dog park.  Daisy started by chasing seagulls. I’m not sure why she thinks she can catch them, but I just laugh and don’t ruin her fun.  Then someone came in with a squeaky ball.  Worse, it was a puppy!  Well, Daisy was on that ball like white on rice.  I was so worried and I tried to get the ball and give it back to the man and tell him Daisy would destroy it. He didn’t care.

Well, about that time several other dogs showed up. It was a squeaky ball free for all!  One of the guys had another squeaky ball he went and got out of his car.  Daisy and a few of the dogs ran, and ran, and ran for the squeakies.  Daisy didn’t resource guard once!  Yay! She has laid down and put her paws and head over the ball and growled really low at other dogs one other time. Since then, I’ve been careful about avoiding squeakies at the dog park.  She even let some guy come and get the ball from her to be thrown again. She had a great time!  She came home, ate dinner, and walked straight to her crate and put herself to bed for the night! I have never seen her run so hard for so long, we were there over an hour with her almost constantly running.

While that was going on Bella was hanging around too. When we first got there, I almost went to put her in the car. She was shivering sooo hard!  Our high was 53 today, nothing extreme.  She seemed to really like one of the other dogs that came in and started running around a bit. She’d do her grass rolling thing, then try to chase another dog or two.  She really started trying to get involved when the dogs were bringing the squeaky toys back.  Then this little black fluff puff puppy came in and Bella took off!  She play bowed and wrestled. I don’t mean a little paw slap-I mean full n wrestle, pinning the dog on the ground and chasing and going crazy!  She would pin the puppy a second, then jump off in a play bow wagging her tail like “hurry get up so we can go again!” I am sure the other owners didn’t understand why I was laughing and clapping and so happy. It was the first time Bella has all out wrestled another dog and let them jump on her without it making her unhappy.  It was such a great day!

I get 'Crazy Eyes' when I get a squeaky toy!

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