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More on the hunting….

So, since I really wanted to get a lot of pictures of the girls and I have two of them and one camera but only two hands- I decided the hunting session should go something like this: Start Bella on my waist leash which only has a 3 foot length while Daisy was on the 15 foot training lead. I thought I’d let Daisy get some of her energy out cause I know she’d be ‘crazy for cocoa puffs’ kind of crazy.

All would have been fine if Bella wasn’t a drama queen. I don’t know where she got that trait but it sure wasn’t me! Daisy was having a blast stalking and running after squirrels but Bella did not want to follow! She had her nose to the ground and refused to participate in the family outing. She sulked, she looked at me like I hit her when I didn’t go her way and a few times she just sunk down on the ground in a good toddler-esque temper tantrum. It was hard with Daisy going one way and Bella dragging her feet.

So, I switched their places. If Bella had her own blog it would have started something like “It took Mom forever to figure out that I am supposed to get the long leash and the freedom it offers…not that other hound that lives here…” As soon as she got the long leash she was so happy, sniffing and running around. The funny thing was Daisy was no less happy! She followed where ever we went, stayed untangled for the most part and just enjoyed whatever little bit she was offered. Of course, Daisy pulled a bit more in her excitement but with her leash around my waist it wasn’t so bad. The video from yesterday was made after the switch. You can see Daisy was just as happy as a lark (and how do we know that those larks are really happy anyway?).


Thanks a million to Grannie who is dogsitting while mom had to go out of town for the night!  Not that she minds….I think she secretly likes getting the coonhound lovin’ all to herself.  😀

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  1. Fred bites his lips like that, I love it!


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