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Welcome Blog Hoppers!

Question to those of you who blog:

It seems the pet blogging community is a tight group, even when many of us don’t know each other. I am amazed when I’m reading comments on someone’s blog post and see a different person commenting that has a blog I follow. Do you find that too?

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  1. Very true! I’ve had a dog blog for just a couple of months now, and have been very impressed by how warm and welcoming everyone is. It’s wonderful to meet fellow pet lovers like you!

  2. Actually, before the Blog Hop, that is where I met many of my friends – Mom would read their comments and think, “Hmmm, maybe we should go meet this person,” and off we’d go. Ironically, we aren’t too involved (other than in donating to charities) in the local ‘dog scene’ but have met a couple of people in person (from other states) we had first ‘met’ online. We have made some great friends – including many people we have never “actually” met. Just because we haven’t all met, doesn’t mean we aren’t a community!

    -Fiona and Family

  3. We have met so many furiends on my blog and we all go visit each other. It’s fun!

  4. We started our website (and then blog) several years ago on a lark thinking no one would read it. We were stunned to discover the dog blogging community and how passionate they are. Over time, we have met a few fellow bloggers in real life.

  5. I totally agree! Everyone is so friendly… it’s a nice group. 🙂

  6. yes and its great because that is one of the best ways to meet new friends 🙂


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