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Ode to the Scratching

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Daisy itches.

Daisy itches A LOT.  Which means she scratches and chews and licks all the time.

Over the last few months (well, the whole time I’ve had her) Daisy had been battling some allergy issues.  I had tried a grain-free diet.  Then a chicken, beef, and grain/soy free diet.  Then not only was she scratching, but her skin started flaking off everywhere. I tried several medications, including ones from my vet.   I tried Sulfadene shampoo. I treated for possible fleas. Then came the medicated shampoo/conditioner combo.  Nothing really took her symptoms away although some things helped some for a day or so.

This week, we were walking around the lake and poor Daisy kept trying to lift her leg and scratch while walking. In the last 10 days she had also started getting little scabs either from the overly flaking skin, or the biting or something.  To sum it up, my little coonhound had become miserable.

The vet suggested a steroid shot. He promised by tonight or tomorrow morning she would stop scratching. He was right!  She is able to rest comfortably and not scratch and bite. I have steroid tablets to start in a couple weeks. I know steroids have side effects but she is feeling better now.  After this is over I may look into some other medication with less side effects but right now I’m just happy that she can relax.

In other good news Daisy is down to 62 pounds! I think she looks ideal right now.  At 68 pounds you could start to notice her pot belly a bit more.

No one knocked on our door for Halloween....Daisy gave up and went to bed


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  1. I’m so glad to hear that the vet could help!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. So sorry to hear that. I use sulf-oxydex shampoo on Fred – its a sulfur based shampoo and it strips them of the hound oils – which can make them itch worse but also cleans their skin with the peroxide in it. Its expensive but worth every penny. We were on steriod shots, did the elimination diet, I started home cooking, I even started giving liquid ivromec for heartworms so he didnt eat a beef flavored pill that might set him off. He was on daily benedryl etc.
    You can get it at other sites cheaper and in smaller quantities. I learned about this from my vet and the hound forums.


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