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Shhh! I'm sleeping!

So, some will read this post in horror, others will be happy as am I.

I wanted a dog who would relax with me and lay on the couch.  Turns out, Bella is not that dog.  She is much happier with her feet on the ground.  I’m ok with that. She has on many occasions jumped up to ge a pet or maybe a treat but as soon as she realizes she isn’t on a firm surface, she jumps right back down.  The only exception to this is when she was sick. She came up cuddled with me, jumped off, threw up, collapsed and had to go to the ER.  So, Bella on the couch = scary.

Today Daisy Mae was  in a particularly cuddly, affectionate mood.  She jumped to put her front feet on my shoulders while I was sitting on the couch. So,  got a sheet to cover it and convinced her sitting next to me was cool.  She laid there until it was time to go to the dog park.  When we got home, after dinner, she came over and started sniffing her place on the couch so I told her “come on” and patted the cushion.  She jumped right up and has been next to me for the last few hours.

I love it!

MOM! The flash is too bright!


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  1. How sweet is that!! This picture makes a 70 pound dog look like a small sweet puppy!! That’s Daisy girl!!


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