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The Girls are Doing Great….

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Something else happened last weekend that I  *thought* i wrote about but apparently didn’t let y’all in on.

So, Daisy is squirrel obsessed. I believe her sun rises and sets in the activity levels of the squirrels outside.  So Grannie and I were taking the girls on a potty walk last weekend. A squirrel ran across our path very close to us.  Daisy and I were walking in front and she tried to chase it up the tree.  Well, Mr. Daredevil squirrel decided that instead of running up the tree he would run around it and in between Daidy and I and Grannie and Bella.  Well, as soon as that squirrel ran in front of Bella she reached right out and grabbed it!

That’s right, my sweet princess Bella caught a squirrel.  She didn’t bay or anything.

Daisy, as good as her intentions were started baying up the wrong tree.  meanwhile Bella had this look like “OMG! That was so nasty! Why does Daisy go crazy for these things?!!”  She was also moving her tongue like she had p-but butter in her mouth trying to get the fur out. I am so proud of my girl!

Daisy continues to be crazy for the squeaky toy. I’m gonna charge my camera and try to get a video of this nonsense for you.  It’s like the old cereal commercials “Crazy for Cocoa Puffs”.

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