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It’s a Happy Weekend….

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when Grannie comes!

My girls love my mom.  Seriously, sometimes I think Bella actually likes her more than me.  Then again, she doesn’t even have to work for treats from Grannie. No sit, down or anything!  It’s ridiculous.

We bought some new medicated shampoo and conditioner for Daisy.  The shampoo has lidocaine, hydrocortisone and something else in it.  The conditioner has an antifungal plus lots of moisturizers.  I had given Daisy a bath on Thursday but on Friday all her skin on her back peeled off, along with a lot of her fur.

Daisy also got her first squeaky toy.  Its a little hedgehog with a Christmas hat. She is very happy to have that toy.  Even better, Bella isn’t so scared as she was when she first came to live with me.  In fact, a few times she was pretty curious about what was going on.

On Sunday we went to our normal dog park and met a bloodhound that was rescued from the same rescue as Daisy.  She was sooo cute and a year and a half old.  I loved that Daisy wasn’t the only dog with big floppy ears going every which a way when she was running around.

In other news:  When Daisy was found I knew she had a little girl puppy with her. That puppy was adopted and I’ve seen the update online and she seems very happy.  Well, the people who found her apparently decided to keep a little boy puppy that was with her. Now, they are moving and don’t want to take him with them.  Poor guy.  If anyone is looking for a great dog, I can at least vouch for his mother’s temperament. Coonhounds are very independent and think with their noses most of the time.  But, they love their owners and are very sweet dogs. Of course at 10 months he’s sure to have a lot of energy but his mom is pretty mellow at age three.  If anyone is interested or knows someone who is please consider this sweet guy: Her Little Boy


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