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I know, I know, I’m telling y’all stuff that happened a long time ago.  But I haven’t told you yet so it’s new to you anyway!

Last Saturday morning Daisy and I went to a farmers market.  Well, I thought it was going to be a little thing with some food and produce stands. Boy was I wrong!  This place was so busy and an absolute madhouse! It was so busy and so amazing!

We had to park in a parking garage a couple blocks away.  She did great walking through busy city streets. As soon as we got to the first corner of booths some random guy comes up and goes “is that a real black and tan coonhound”? What I wanted to say was “no, she is a figment of your imagination; the heat must be getting to you.” But I didn’t. Turns out he was raised with B&T’s and his parents bred them for hunting for a while. He took a picture of her to send to his parents. This place was crowded. People were packed in. Right now there was actually only one produce stand. Most of the places were selling foods and crafts. One bakery had brought propane ovens and was selling warm breads right out of the oven. Many of the farmers come later in the season when more stuff is ready for harvest.

Several places had water bowls out for the dogs which I thought was nice. It was hot.  Several also had dog treats for the dogs.  Daisy did so great!  you would think I actually trained her for something like this, but I haven’t. She stayed right by my side and didn’t pull my arm off trying to get to the good smells. She resisted table surfing at all the food booths.  She also took her first elevator ride. She’s a champ at this stuff.  She didn’t smell too many butts.  She was exhausted when she got home.  Behaving made her work hard!

Yesterday was bath day. So we went to the beach dog park. I could not get Bella in a picture to save my life!  So instead you are getting Daisy, enjoying the smells and ignoring the big cruise ship passing taking all those lucky people on vacation.  So, the girls were walking down the beach….one reason I like this park is it is 100% fenced in….except for the new hole that leads into an airport.  They were down on the beach which is very rocky so I was up on the seawall which at the end is about 6 feet high.  Well, I am looking and all of the sudden I realize Bella is on the other side of the fence!

I had to walk way back the wrong way to get down to the beach.  Bella has been down there many times and this hasn’t happened. Once I’m down there I see Daisy has went over too.  Turns out there is a hole in the fence.  So I stayed calm and just walked to the fence (ready to trespass onto airport property to get the girls).  When I got there I just called their names in my friendliest voice and told them to “come on” and they turned right around.  That side has huge boulders all over the beach (to keep boats from coming onto shore) so Bella was smart and went down into the water and walked on the sand but Daisy took her time slowly climbing back over the rocks.  I was sweating that one. I knew if anything smelled too good they might not want to come back.

They are all clean and ready for company this weekend!


What boat? I don't smell a boat!



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