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Last Thursday….

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So, last Thursday Daisy and I went to a ‘movies in the park’ event in a city near me.  I knew Bella would hate going because of the crowds and noise so she had to stay home. Don’t worry, she got lots of extra lovin’ from me!

We were very lucky to find a parking spot really close to where the movie was being held. I decided Daisy was going to have to work for her fun and packed her backpack with our drinks and snacks. I had a couple crystal light teas and popcorn for me, some water and two frozen kongs for her.  She carried her backpack like a champ even though some old man made a smart-ass remark about me making her do all the work. I have a great blanket that is water resistant nylon on one side and paw print fleece on the other to use when we go places.

So, they had live BLUEGRASS music starting about an hour before the movie. I love bluegrass music!  They also had food vendors set up selling things like burgers and kettle corn. I didn’t even go look at what they had because I brought my own!

She behaved like an angel!  She LOVED the kongs of course and laid right on the blanket to eat them. She whined a little in the middle of the movie but overall was very quiet.  The only weird thing that happened was when she saw the police horses…she went into instant predator mode!  I’m glad they were far away.  Also, the area was set up with surround sound and some of the noise scared her. She actually laid next to me trembling a bit so I gave her treats to let her know I was happy with her laying with me. She recovered fine.

We sat next to a couple who just loved her! In fact, several people just loved her that night. Not too many drop dead gorgeous coonhounds around here.

Yummy Kong!


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