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Um, mom, you ok in there?

That was what Bella was asking this afternoon. For whatever reason my body decided to catch up on a months worth of sleep in one day. I fell asleep for 4 hours!  Bella came in to check on me and it woke me up.  How sweet!

I think tomorrow I’m going to buy Daisy a flexi leash.  Yes, she will be one of the horrible dogs people hate that run up and greet them or sniff them and runs up trying to greet their dogs whether their dogs like it or not. I will try and control that but maybe being far away from me will make her want to poop on a leash?  I don’t think its the proximity to me since she’ll poop off leash right next to me but I’m frustrated and tired!

Since Daisy doesn’t poop on lead and I don’t have a yard, we head to the dog park 7 days a week. I put her in doggie daycare a time or two a week and I think she poops there which does help things but Bella doesn’t poop there so she still needs to be walked when we get home.  She also doesn’t poop if their are squirrels to bay at, which of course they are everywhere! So our regular dog park had squirrels in 2 of the sections and an aggressive dog in the thurd. plus, Bella was freaking out over the thunder.  So, I loaded them up and took to them to a different dog park.

I did laugh when I watched the puggle go roll around in the mud near the watering stand at the dog park.  Then, once good and wet and dirty it went and rolled in the sand.  That was great!  LOL

Tomorrow morning Bella and I are going to the dog beach.  Daisy doesn’t like it, so she gets to stay home!

Hello to all my Saturday blog hoppers!

I have some great blogs I read, but for some reason I can not post to blogger/blogspot blogs. I tell it to put the comment with my wordpress account, enter the name.  So either my comments aren’t being approved, or I am not doing something right, or maybe it’s my computer.

A few of my favorite blogs:

Greyt Days
Hound Girl
The Teacher’s Pets


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