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(not exactly) Wordless Wednesday

Wow the holiday was busy!  Hope everyone fared well. I also was busy doing all my chores for this week by this morning since they are working on a water main near my house.  Water might be contaminated and dirty until Friday.

Last night the girls had so much fun at the dog park!  Both of them chased balls over and over.  Bella was feeling a little frisky too.  For the first time my girls actual wrestled and played bitey face and play growled at each other!  It was so much fun to watch.  Bella really participated including instigating an ‘attack’ after a quick break.  I just love that she is learning to be a dog.  She is out of her crate so much now that I actually had trouble getting her into it yesterday morning. She had to be locked up so maintenance could come.

Tonight there was just thunderstorms and rain. yuck. I made a 5 minutes run to let Daisy pee and poop at the dog park then came right back home.  Have I told y’all Daisy won’t poop on leash?  Yep, I live in an apartment without a yard and my dog won’t use the bathroom on a leash.  It can be a slight issue at times.

I would also like to start trying some nosework with Daisy.  There isn’t any classes or teachers near me but I hope with her natural scent ability and some good treats she’ll get it down pretty well with just us.  Um, day one didn’t go to well. I would put the treat into the open box with her watching me, put it on the ground and call her over.  I might as well had a third eye with the way she looked at me.  Maybe tomorrow….

Now I leave you with a picture of my sweetness.


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  1. Im sooooo enjoying your blog!!! I fixed my issue now on my comments so you should be able to leave comments now – several people were having problems leaving them. So let me know if you have any other issues!



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